Why Empathy Is The Most Important Leadership Skill You Can Ever Develop

Why Empathy Is The Most Important Leadership Skill You Can Ever Develop

When a team is in crisis, it means that someone doesn’t feel safe. If you as a leader want your team to bring their authentic real selves to work every day and collaborate more effectively, psychological safety must be your highest priority. That kind of safety starts with empathy and truly understanding your people. Working with Three Kindnesses teaches you how to establish a psychologically safe environment, cultivate empathy, and honor diversity to help you increase engagement and decrease instances of interpersonal conflict.

Why Do We Need Empathy

You are more likely to get the work done by behaving empathetically and by aligning the necessary work with the values and motivations of the people doing the work. By engaging through values, motivation, and kindness, empathy becomes your greatest leadership skill and a powerful tool of productivity.

Leaders who connect the workload to their employees’ values can minimize disengagement and maximize the passion and engagement of their teams. Cultivating empathy as part of your leadership skill set will always get you further than simply demanding blind allegiance. Kind leaders establish empathetic relationships with their people to create long-term engagement with them rather than just short-term compliance

Spreading Kindness For A Safer Environment

Creating a safe and inclusive workplace can take time and energy that are often in short supply for managers which makes employee engagement an overwhelming task sometimes.  Three Kindnesses can help organizations, managers, leaders, and teams in their engagement and retention goals by teaching leaders how to make people feel safe, how to connect deeply with their people through empathy, and how to honor their people’s unique wiring, skills, and lived experiences.

Interpersonal issues can be diffused, and most organizations see a reduction in absenteeism and an increase in engagement by creating psychologically safe environments where employees feel safe to bring their authentic selves. Three Kindnesses provides a model for helping organizations to develop and improve their cultures and expand their HR processes functions by infusing kindness into policies and processes that affect employees.

Who Are the Founders of Three Kindnesses?

After starting her career as a college professor, Dr. Angela Cox has gone on to spend almost two decades in HR and Learning & Development at several Fortune 500 companies, building a brand of quirky enthusiasm with a strong academic focus and an eye for a tasteful aesthetic along the way. She has designed hundreds of e-Learning modules, in-person and virtual workshops, and engaging offsite experiences for corporate real estate firms, the construction & mining industry, the medical field, and the US government and military. Throughout her career, in spite of an ever-expanding list of experience and credentials, her neurodivergent brain struggled to understand exactly where she fit in and where she could do her best work. After many years of trying to tone down her passion and shave off her quirky edges, Angela stepped out of the corporate world to become the co-founder of Three Kindnesses in the hopes of being the change she wanted to see and to offer others the permission and freedom that she always craved from her work environments. 

Odell Mitchell III, Esq. is an attorney and an organizational effectiveness consultant. He believes that there is nothing more important than creating safe environments for everyone. His experience as a Creative Trainer at Apple laid the foundation for creating robust and fun learning experiences. After attending law school, passing the bar, and launching his solo entertainment law practice, he became a leadership development facilitator at a major global airline. This provided him the opportunity to further embrace his penchant for client care by creating safe, inclusive training sessions. In his work as co-founder of Three Kindnesses, Odell brings his own lived experience to every talk, workshop, and session in a way that makes people feel both safe and challenged. Above all, he believes that he is here to help people achieve their deepest human desire–the desire to be seen. 

Three Kindnesses gives people permission to be their authentic selves and to create environments where they can thrive, find safety, and be valued for their unique skills, wiring, identity, and experiences. This is the beating heart of Three Kindnesses: permission. Permission to be you. Quirks, edges, and all.

Learn More About Three Kindnesses here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/odellmitchelliii https://www.linkedin.com/in/acmcox/ 

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