How To Cope With Daily Stress And Frustration As A Parent

How To Cope With Daily Stress And Frustration As A Parent

One Of A Kind Life Coach

When you become a parent, you are bound to experience great stress and frustration. Coping with this situation is really difficult. It is not wrong to ask for help and the best help you can have is having a parent coach. A life coach can give you advice and support you during challenging times and transitions with your child.  As you continue to learn, you will gain more and be able to make difficult decisions by having a parent coach.

Erin Hansen is a parenting expert and life coach. She is trustworthy. She is internationally recognized for her 25 years of experience. Erin provides guidance for parents who are having difficulty raising their middle-school children. As a life coach, She believes that you can live in harmony with your family through constructive communication, which includes raising awareness about the needs of children and parents.

How Erin Gives Life Coaching

She starts with a clarity coaching call and checks that her methods and training are appropriate for the parents and child. She describes the process and how the 6 personal needs, connections, metaphors, and homework for the parent and child help the family to achieve a harmonious relationship.

She builds relationships with the family  The important thing for her is for the children to be able to earn the trust of their parents so that they are more comfortable sharing their struggles. Her coaching approach is made up of three parts: parents, child, and family together. They discuss past issues during the group session, identify what has been tried before and what works, and what doesn’t. She focuses on listening and showing empathy and understanding before asking each one what they need.

Knowing The 6 Basic Needs

The needs which we find most important (and they vary from person to person)  serve as anchors for all human interactions. When people understand how their needs affect their own behavior they will be able to understand how others’ needs affect them..

Erin’s method of training uses metaphors with children to learn to “stop” their trauma, habits, behaviors, or helplessness. She helps them to shoot objects into space like a rocket ship, or to lighten their load by physically dropping or getting rid of things. This also helps parents as they often need to learn to let go and see their children differently so they can move forward when communicating with them.

Erin provides the family with tasks and assignments to help parents and kids connect with each family member and grow. This also helps with accountability and is part of a personal coaching approach.

Throughout the coaching period, they constantly monitor the process and collect data to ensure that they are moving forward on the results the parents intended. This usually happens over a repeated cycle of 3 months, which is iterated based on the needs of the family and child. Most families work with Erin for a period of 1 – 2 years since she helps with school and life changes. 

Personalized Coaching Strategy

There is excellent information in books, videos, and podcasts but often, parents do not know where to start. Erin’s method is not limited to just a few sessions, but she also gives them year-round or complete middle school or junior high training in case something goes wrong from school or home When families hire Erin, they know they are getting complete access to her, through text, email, and phone.  She gives her parents a personal coaching plan and provides immense value so they are able to carry the strategies throughout life and other challenges. 

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