About This Blog

So, who are the bloggers behind Operation Infinite Justice? It’s just a few friends that like to write who decided to share their thoughts on one blog and then also open the platform to other freelancers that desire a place to share their views and thoughts.

If you want to reach out to us you can contact us using this form.

Also, if you are a blogger interested in writing for us you can apply here.

Thanks to all who support the blog.

Every page view shows appreciation.

Each social share is loved.

Without our readers we wouldn’t find the inspiration to keep writing.

We do this for the love of it.

Not money.

We don’t monetize the blog in any way.

No ads.

No sponsored posts.

We pay to keep it up, and even though that really only equates to a monthly hosting bill and an annual domain registration we feel the need to point that out.

So many people assume bloggers make easy money. Very few blogs actually make money.

We do it for the love, and the love only.

Thank you.