It’s Now Time to Grow Beyond

It’s Now Time to Grow Beyond

Heinz Kaegi, the Swiss top executive mentor and coach for leaders, an international speaker, and best-selling author, says it’s time for you to grow beyond. Growing beyond means going above your current state or getting out of your comfort to expand and express your full potential of the leader within. There is no doubt that in life people start their dreams small within their means and reach. 

People start their careers with that urge to make money or feel secure about their finances. At this point, anyone would often work hard to get to a better place or the next big step until they reach a place they feel comfortable about where they are. At this phase, one is clouded by the comfort of being in a 9-5 and sufficiently settling their monthly expenses. People don’t realize that they are limiting themselves from attaining their full potential or what they are called to do. 

Exploring Your Potential

According to Heinz Kaegi, you can only be fully content with life if you explore your potential. Heinz Kaegi, who is disrupting the leadership development industry with his visionary company, Kaegi-Leadershift Ltd, also had a moment of being too comfortable till he decided to take a leap of faith. And indeed, making a shift from something you’ve come to accept as your reality is never easy, especially with the thought of starting something from scratch, as Heinz explains. It will, however, end up being the best decision you will make as you will find joy and fulfillment in it other than the money you make.

Grow Beyond

Heinz Kaegi was in a well-paying corporate c-level job for years, and deep within, he knew he wanted to do something bigger. Moreso, he felt his abilities were limited in that space because the CEO and executive teams would sift his ideas and creativity. For a long time, he had been held by fear. He had to reevaluate himself and take on a new dimension to pursue his passion. 

He got into the leadership industry with emPowerment Group Ltd., which later birthed Kaegi-Leadershift Ltd. By living his passion, Heinz set out to research the laws of leadership that led him to form a remarkable concept called the LEX Leadershift Excellence™ Program that is taking the world to a great future of work.   

The group aims to create multigenerational success resulting in sustainable future generations. LEX Leadershift Excellence™  boosts this vision. Its primary objective is moving leaders from hard work to Heart Work®. Heart work means doing what you love and loving what you do. 

And to more reasons why you need to grow beyond is because Heinz is living proof of what following your purpose can do. His organization, Kaegi-Leadershift that started in 2016, has made giant steps, making its purpose recognized and comprehended. They have had to overcome challenges of making people understand what it is that they do and also people getting in their way of manifesting their purpose. 

Take A Step Now

If you don’t take a step now, you may never start. There is no point in life when you can say you are ready. It is all about making a decision. Heinz advises on changing your thinking. 

You can build what you desire. It takes a mindset to make that happen. Mindset contributes to at least 80% of successful results. Recognize the leader within you and adopt a positive mindset. According to Heinz, all his ups and downs were, are, and will result from his mindset. 

Mind you are not alone as other people also have ups and downs. An opportunity you refuse to take someone else is successfully riding on it. Your mindset creates resonance and attracts similar thought patterns, people, and things. 

Wrap Up

According to Heinz, the world of work has changed forever. The lifetime of managers is over, and it is time to grow beyond. His LEX Leadershift Excellence™ concept is designed to answer and give an inspiring wake-up call. 

 PpYou can visit Kaegi-Leadershift Ltd for more.

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