Why Zahara Jade Should be Your #1 Trauma Awakening Coach

Why Zahara Jade Should be Your #1 Trauma Awakening Coach

What would it feel like to heal your pain? To finally release it, once and for all? Many people do whatever they can to avoid feeling. They tell themselves they are “fine” because they have lived with pain and suffering for so long. What most people don’t understand is that you can free yourself from deeply buried trauma. You can regulate your nervous system and find inner peace. 

Old pain never truly goes away. Instead, it surfaces in new forms. Chronic illnesses. Chronic aches and pains; headaches, stomach aches, brain fog, and more. Chronic anxiety. Malaise. Depression. Addictions. Trauma triggers. That pain you could never face. Maybe your subconscious repressed it, yet it keeps you from living your most brilliant life. Those wounds block you from happiness and authentic joy, from nourishing relationships and deep connections with yourself and others. With that said, not every professional helper successfully supports clients in eradicating the root of trauma from their lives, but we happen to know of one.

Zahara Jade; The Professional Helper

Zahara Jade is the go-to person in such cases of deeply buried trauma, helping people heal its long-term effects; chronic illnesses, chronic pain, addictions, anxiety, depression, and much more. She has an exemplary record of guiding hundreds of individuals to awaken from trauma. She’s not only an author but the founder of The Truth Catalyst

With two decades of work with clients, her Master’s in Clinical Psychology, formal studies in Somatic Therapy, and breadth of coaching and trauma certifications, she has perfected her craft to help individuals suffering from trauma. Her ultimate goal with her clients is to guide them to awaken to their authentic selves so they can lead purpose-fueled lives. 

Here is why Jade is your go-to person.

Two Decades of Developing Her Skills

Zahara has nearly two decades of experience helping clients. She has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and has formally trained in somatic therapy, clinically-based mindfulness meditation, and trauma-informed therapeutic techniques. She is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, a Certified Life Purpose Coach, a Certified Regression Therapist, Certified in Voice Dialogue Therapy,  a Certified Bodyworker, and a Registered Yoga Instructor. Zahara spent several years doing clinical research and working in developmental psychology, childhood trauma, and the link between trauma and chronic illness in childhood. After her healing, Zahara spent a decade of her life in Asia and devoted her self studying yoga, meditation, and alternative healing modalities with renowned gurus.

Unique Awakening Approach

Zahara’s unique coaching method helps her clients to thrive. She developed a proprietary technique, Somatic Journeys™, to transform trauma. This method is a culmination of her training, expertise, wisdom, and intuition. Through this process, she helps her clients unearth and heal deeply buried memories. The work alters the clients’ mindset, dysfunctional patterns, destructive behaviors, and finally, eradicates their symptoms. Jade’s strategy supports clients in connecting with their inner wisdom, cultivating self-trust, and a strong connection with their authentic selves. The long-term results are nothing short of life-altering.


Jade understands the value of living a deeply nourishing, empowered, and successful life. Helping other people transform their traumas and live authentically is her purpose and her guiding light. Born with the gift to heal, her intuition and deeply empathic persona further help her clients feel safe and able to open up in her care. Still, it is Zahara’s non-judgmental, radically honest, and deeply caring nature, combined with her years of expertise and wisdom, that allows her to be a potent Truth Catalyst.

Results Driven 

Jade wants her clients to achieve results. She helps them outline and achieve micro-goals and an overarching vision, whether working one-on-one or guiding them through an online course. Jade infuses her clinical and research background into her work in this way. The goals differ by client and course, and they are measured along the way, even when subjective. Since many people have sought her out after years or decades of failing to heal and seeing little to no results, her mission is to deliver a radically different experience.   


People worldwide suffer from trauma; intergenerational, collective, individual, historical, medical, and more. You’ve most likely suffered from it, even if you don’t realize it. Many people don’t realize they have lost themselves to trauma. They have no idea who they are or how genuinely juicy, breathtaking, and blissful everyday life can be. Zahara helps people peel back the layers of trauma and connect with the nectar of life. She guides them on their journey to living with authenticity. She helps people awaken to their most brilliant, shining, successful, unfuckablewith selves. 

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