Why I Think Social Media is Dangerous and Unhealthy

Why I Think Social Media is Dangerous and Unhealthy

Go out in public and look around at the people you see. How many of them have their head down buried in their phone? Nobody is without their phone in hand consumed by whatever it is that’s on the screen.

There is a good chance they have a social media app open. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, etc. They are all the same. They are all slowly killing our society. While social media is a great way to communicate and stay in touch, it does far more harm than good. I believe that it’s a major contributing factor to negative mental health. The youth today feel inclined to be social media famous and they base success on the number of likes and shares someone has. It’s ridiculous.

These are my opinions, so please don’t roast me. I just feel like we would be better off with less social media in our lives.

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Pulls People Away from Reality

When you are sucked into social media you are focused on other people and what they are posting. While it may look glamorous and seem like the dream life, remember that nobody is posting reality. If they are having a bad day are they posting an unhappy selfie? No.

If they receive bad news are they posting about it? No. People start to believe everything they see on social media and they think all these people live these perfect dream lives. It’s not reality at all.

Makes People Feel Unaccomplished

Social media is a collection of someone’s best moments. Can you imagine turning on Sports Center and watching them show each teams worst plays and errors? No. They are only showing the best moments of the game. Nobody wants to see bad plays. They tune in to watch the highlights.

Seeing all these social media feeds with nothing but accomplishments and happiness makes some people feel unaccomplished and worthless. This is sad and if they saw the real truth behind the people portraying this amazing life they wouldn’t feel this way. But social media excludes this.

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Sparks Envy and Jealousy

Being envious and jealous are not healthy traits. They build up and you can become highly negative. But when people are constantly looking at what they think is perfect, and they themselves are having a rough time, it causes jealousy.

Many people will start to feel unaccomplished or that they are progressing through life at a slow pace. It’s not real life. You cannot login to social media and assume everything you see if real. Most is fabricated and most “influencers” are putting on a show. Their real life is a far cry from what their social media feed indicates.

I believe if people saw the real life of many of these “influencers” they would realize that social media is fake and exaggerated. In the end, people are being impacted by what they see and assume rather than what is truth. Social media is a web of lies and it’s killing our society.

Causes Depression

Everything that I have mentioned above causes depression. We have such a problem with mental health these days and social media is a major contributor. Notice how mental health has become a more serious concern over the last few years?

It coincides with the growth and rise of social media. That is no coincidence I can promise you that. We need to realize this and do more to help educate people on the dangers of social media.

When used correctly and sparingly it can be a great thing. But as it stands now, people are consumed by it and it’s not healthy. It’s doing far more harm than good currently. That is unfortunate and something that I believe really needs to change.

Published by Debbie Weinstein

Debbie is a former political advisor who took early retirement to enjoy waking up early and having morning coffee on her back deck which overlooks the Colorado mountains. She is an avid blogger and fosters adoption dogs.

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