The Performance Coach Everyone Is Looking For

The Performance Coach Everyone Is Looking For

Rowan Wiechmann is a phenomenal performance coach who has brought a change in the industry. He was formerly a military sergeant. Amazingly, he uses the ‘Military Method’ to help men in all areas of life. To be specific, this coach leads men to 2-7x growth in their businesses. He is a man of substance, and consequently, a timely antidote for the young people. 

Rowan is disciplined, an aspect that has played a primary role in sustaining him in the business. The other attributes that have scaled this influential performance coach are; vision, self-acceptance, experience, goal-setting, hard work, and persistence. Additionally, he is a man whose success is supported by these three pillars; perspective, power, and performance. 

Having A Vision

Having a vision is a crucial aspect that lead many towards success. Without it, one cannot feel motivated to work. Setting your vision and goals puts pressure from within to work for what you want. Rowan has always remained visionary throughout his life. His vision is to ensure that he offers high modern and quality leadership and coaching to the young generation enabling them to attain success in all areas of their life. 

Develop Self-acceptance

Accepting yourself for who you are is an incredible feature of a successful person. Rowan started experiencing a positive change in his life when he stopped trying to fit in to be someone else. He emphasizes the power of one being themselves and not comparing themselves with others. This coach is skillful and knowledgeable, and self-acceptance has become a pillar that has made him who he is today. 

Gain Experience

Rowan has been through many things in life. His life as a military equipped him with several aspects. These aspects include leadership experience, discipline and resilience, performance under pressure, willingness to sacrifice, and team building. These aspects make him ideal and experienced to coach and help a person in the best way possible. As it is said, ‘experience is the best teacher,’ this coach is the best in helping you transform your body, mindset, and relationship. His life in the army gave him enough knowledge and experience necessary for the development coaching industry. 

Hard work

Hard work is a ‘must’ factor for success. Nothing good comes easy. One has to struggle and put effort into making it in life. He managed to build multiple 6-figure businesses out of hard work in less than a year of starting. Again he has helped more than 20 men scale their companies by 2-7x and grow in all areas of life. This coach is outstanding for his continued success in assisting the businessmen to scale. 

Perspective, Power, Performance

There are many lessons that you can learn from this creative coach. One of the key lessons is that you need to change your perspective. How you see others and how you view yourself and your world can have a significant impact on your overall success. Secondly, to become your best performer like Rowan, you need to learn that you are under control. This knowledge will help you step into your power and take control of your life and business. And lastly, it is worth noting that how you do one thing is how you do everything. You will need to create room for growth in your body, mind, and spirit if you want to attain high-level performance. 

Your #1 Coach

Today, Rowan is the owner of The Pure Man, which does life and business coaching to men. His coaching method is called the military method and is helping men be their actual versions in all aspects of life. It is a high-performing system that has got many to hire him. He teaches young men to become the most powerful men by being themselves; without comparison. Rowan now leads a community of over 25 successful men in business, aged 18-35, called the Pure Performance Unit.

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