Learning the Ropes of Basketball With IPT Trainer Mark Kinnebrew

Learning the Ropes of Basketball With IPT Trainer Mark Kinnebrew

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Basketball may seem easy since it is a sport everyone is aware of, especially with big names, such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James circulating around. Even watching NBA games has become a home staple and a routine for many families across the globe. Yet, only a few realize the intricacies of the sport. There is actually more than just passing and shooting the ball.

Given that there is a lot to learn to master the sport, individuals who have arguably perfected the craft have been offering their expertise to educate those who are interested to dominate on the court. Mark Kinnebrew, for instance, is a certified I’m Possible Trainer (IPT) and is one of the top five coaches within IPT. He met Micah Lancaster, who founded IPT and became his mentor. Mark started coaching and training in 2002 and primarily focuses on skill enhancement. Moreover, he also helps basketball trainers create and grow their coaching as the founder of KinnetiK – Court To Cash.   

Training with IPT

With the increasing fascination of people to learn how to play basketball, many trainers took the opportunity to increase their sales. Several solely focus on teaching new skills and techniques that can be used on the court every session but rarely do these coaches monitor the level of mastery of their trainees. This approach becomes concerning since it does not offer trainees room for optimal development to shape them into the athlete they desire to become. Ample time should be given to trainees to internalize what has been taught to them in every session to ensure that they retain these skills. This is important because basic skills are foundational in learning more complex skills. 

In IPT, the team focuses on the process of mastering skills, which is known as player development. With that, they recognize that training should not only be done to learn new skills. Players who enroll in IPT can access the IPT online training system and training app, which allows for convenient communication between players and coaches. Trainers and players can connect with each other directly so that the former can provide personal notes and tips regarding the progress and possible improvements of the latter. The online system also includes online tools, such as videos of skills and methods taught by the team. An IPT Certified Player Handbook is also provided to players for them to take notes after each session and track their progress. This handbook also includes essential basketball tips and terminologies among others.

Personal Training with Mark

As mentioned, Mark is a certified NBA Trainer and he is also the CEO of IPT-North Dakota. As the head of IPT-North Dakota, Mark also has a Personal Training Academy, wherein he offers his expertise to impart his understanding of the game to aspiring players. This training is attended by players from across the globe every summer, which is conducted in his Bismarck Skill Lab. Each week, he takes in only a maximum of 12 players to ensure that they get sufficient supervision and guidance. In the training, he utilizes the same skills training curriculum used with NBA superstars. 

He offers two levels for his personal training and coaching services. Level one includes two workouts per month, free unlimited lab membership, access to his new state-of-the-art facility, and guidance through the Online Training System. Each session may include one to three additional players to enable more effective workouts, wherein each workout lasts an hour. On the other hand, level two training is more intensive since it includes two additional workouts in a month, along with the same perks that are part of level one training. 

If you want to know more about Mark Kinnebrew and learn from one of the best in the game, you can reach him through Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also visit his website and the I’m Possible Training North Dakota page.

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