Why You Need “Fierce Empathy” As Your Philosophy

Why You Need “Fierce Empathy” As Your Philosophy

“Fierce Empathy,” as it sounds, is a powerful, responsive, and incredible philosophy David Waldy uses in his coaching business. This philosophy has got David speaking to thousands of people globally on sales, marketing, mindset, online business, personal growth, habits, and systems. All these topics aim at living a life of abundance and joy. This philosophy has got him to speak, train, and develop high-level programs and workshops for some incredible industry leaders like Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. He has built a multi-six figure online business and created a life on his terms.

The Philosophy “Fierce Empathy”

David uses empathy, which means having a genuine interest or care in another individual and being at a place where you do your best to remove your filters and preconceptions about who they are. It allows one to see others as individuals beyond what the surface presents. Fierce empathy allows Waldy to see what questions are not being asked or the questions other people are too scared to ask, or you are too testicle to ask. 

According to him, the best way is to genuinely love a person for who they are and their humanities. Again, love does not mean you don’t ask tough questions but instead ask questions that have a deeper understanding so you can connect with that person at a deeper level and serve them. Coaches need to deeply understand how people see the world— their different views. This empathy is said to be fierce as it is strategic and has proven highly effective. 

David refers to it as interpersonal communication, where he deeply seeks to understand people and see the world the way they do and why they think the way they do. 

David’s Highlights from “Fierce Empathy”

This methodology made David the top 1% sales producer in his corporate job, generating about 400 dollars of revenue in sales per year. He also got an opportunity to train and develop coaching programs and workshops for Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. With his coaching company, he has coached over a thousand entrepreneurs. 

Why You Need Fierce Empathy as Your Philosophy

To win clients trust

To ensure your coaching business is thriving, you will need to earn clients’ trust. And in this business, the primary way to get clients to work with you is to make them feel comfortable interacting. The comfort is brought about by interpersonal communication, as David Waldy puts it. This is where you deeply seek to understand people and how they see the world and why they think the way you do. People want to talk to someone who deeply understands them and who can put themselves in their shoes to reason as they do. They need to feel appreciated for who they are. 

To build your credibility.

If you can portray empathy when dealing with your clients, you can easily win others from the rapport established with your existing clients. More so, you will be impacting numerous lives helping people value themselves, live more authentically and have the courage to lean in and never stop becoming what they aspire. That will give you an advantage over the rest. Waldy has gained a competitive advantage over others in his industry due to this methodology. Being able to make people feel seen, heard, and understood is his strength.


Fierce empathy will see you grow to be iconic and a mentor to many. Waldy has used it to improve thousands of lives and businesses globally. You could follow David Waldy for more personal and business development strategies on 

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