The 4 Pillar Coaching Strategies By Cody Jefferson

The 4 Pillar Coaching Strategies By Cody Jefferson

If you are struggling to build your life or business, try a personal development coach. It sounds Counterintuitive, but previous results have shown that a coaching program can elevate you from one level of your life to the next. 

Cody Jefferson is the founder of Lion: Elite the #1 coaching program for kingdom-minded businessmen focusing on living their legacy.

Cody at a Glance

When Cody first began pastoring, he didn’t know that was a path that would take him more than a decade. He faithfully served the ‘kingdom seekers, ’ helping them reform and transform. However, his own life was also met by a massive shake-up. He went through a bitter divorce, traumatic family loss, and eventually found himself septic due to the immense amount of stress of always being “on.”. 

Everything continued until finally, there was light at the end of the tunnel. Cody founded his own company, Embrace The Lion, to help himself and others who had misplaced their purposes and power. With all the skill sets that Cody had acquired for over a decade, community and spiritual leadership, sales, marketing, and public speaking, he put a formidable force to become a true catalyst for kingdom-minded men. 

Transforming Lives & Businesses

Cody transformed many lives and businesses using his 4-pillar coaching system. The Lion Method, Direct Coaching, and the Lion: Elite Brotherhood all became his secret tools in cracking the code on how to indeed have it all in life and business 

His strategies revolved around head, heart, health, and habits. 

1. Head

The head is the carrier of your conscious brain. It is where thoughts and imaginations are created. Mindsets are also generated there. Having a strong and positive mindset is essential in developing healthy self-esteem. Therefore, the head becomes an important tool that affects your daily self-dialogue and reinforces your most personal beliefs, attitudes, and feelings about yourself. 

Your mindset will provide a foundation of intent. It becomes the framing that guides and directs your application of coaching techniques and your guiding principle for taking action and decision making. 

2. Heart

Your heart, which houses your subconscious mind, is your emotional dimension. Therefore, for personal development to occur, your soul, your spiritual dimension, and your heart need to be ‘healthy.’ It is out of this deep emotional awareness that we cultivate healthy relationships; with ourselves, our Source, and our most intimate relationships.

Therefore your emotional growth is a coaching strategy that Cody takes into consideration. 

3. Health

They say, ‘your health is your wealth.’ That is true. You can do nothing if your health is not good. Therefore your health becomes an essential pillar when it comes to personal development. 

This health is physical health and as Cody says, “ you have one vehicle to change this world in; take care of it properly.”

4. Habits

Habits come as a result of continuous actions. Therefore, whatever you do persistently can go a long way in forming your habits. Therefore you need to engage in activities that will propel your personal development. 

Cody is helping organizations and individuals across the country create healthy habits that will generate consistent income and mold them to become the best shape of their life. 

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