From 20 Successful Businesses to Being on the Inc. 5000 List Multiple Times: Here’s How to Do It All

From 20 Successful Businesses to Being on the Inc. 5000 List Multiple Times: Here’s How to Do It All

Brett Beveridge is the founder and CEO of The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC), a global retail solutions company with more than 6,000 employees, also known as T-ROCers, and 20,000 gig workers in the United States and Latin America. Today, T-ROC serves as its clients’ partner in retail. The company assists clients through outsourcing personnel, utilizing technology and software, providing consumer insights, and offering IT support services, among many other services.

T-ROC has partnered with Fortune 5000 companies to optimize their retail stores and to meet current consumer demands and trends. Beveridge owes his company’s success to the innovative approach of combining the power of people and technology to gain critical business insights and develop lasting customer relationships. Technology is an integral component of running a successful retail company. Being ahead of the tech game will help you stand up to your competitors, and that’s just what T-ROC offers. 

Moreover, Beveridge highlights the need to use different business models for various divisions, considering one size does not fit all. “Many times when customers have issues, we have ears on the ground,” says Beveridge in explaining the approach he and his team use to test validity in their operations. In doing so, they can identify what can complement their business and, consequently, take the necessary steps to execute their work flawlessly. He also states that they assess if the “juice is worth the squeeze” since T-ROC is dedicated to creating scalable opportunities.

Before founding T-ROC, Beveridge sold cell phones out of the back of a van, and what once was a bootstrap company transformed into the largest independent mobile wireless retailer in the country at that time. Beveridge has successfully founded more than 20 companies and T-ROC’s customers include the world’s largest and most recognizable Fortune 500 retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and service providers.  In addition, Beveridge has been on the Inc. 5000, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies, OVER 10 TIMES. 

When asked how he achieved exponential growth in several businesses, he answered, “We are growth-minded, entrepreneurial, and opportunistic people with integrity at heart.” He further stated that T-ROC is focused on building highly scalable businesses with attractive margins while avoiding owning inventories to prevent massive losses. According to Beveridge, although it usually takes three to six months to scale a business, most of the time, you can tell in the first 30 days if a venture has traction. Otherwise, you can always tweak something through research and development initiatives. 

This is how Beveridge did it all—he jumped into the entrepreneurial scene WHILE STILL ATTENDING  the University of Miami with only hope and determination to succeed. Beveridge has led T-ROC to be at the forefront of technology, coupled with the art of being human. He is on a mission to offer ideas and strategies to other business leaders in various fields as a serious thought leader in the market.

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