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Richard Liu, the CEO of, has been a successful icon in China’s e-commerce industry. In 2015 he was ranked as one of Fortune magazine’s “40 under 40” and is considered one of China’s most influential people on social media. He made it into Forbes’ list for billionaires this year with a net worth of $7 billion.

As CEO, Richard Liu set out to make his business more competitive by investing in technology and research and development to offer customers a better service experience. These investments have paid off: JD now offers free delivery across its entire network, regardless of location or product category; cash on delivery payments for over 1 billion products; an upgraded customer service center for domestic and international customers; a partnership program with global brands including Gap, Adidas, Motorola, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.; an improved professional customer service team for cross-border e-commerce partners who sell to Chinese consumers on’s platform; expanded product categories from electronics and home appliances to maternity products, children’s clothing, toys, skincare items, cosmetics, personal care tools and many more.

Richard Liu also led the development of JD Smart Shopping Assistant – an artificial intelligence solution that uses big data analytics to provide individualized shopping suggestions based on preferences set by users. The assistant proactively recommends recommendations such as personalized coupons targeted according to specific user-profiles and helps shoppers find what they want faster AI search technology that learns how users search by providing real-time, personalized suggestions that are based on product descriptions and customer reviews.

They sold their first product on October 15th, 1999, a rechargeable battery for mobile phones. 

Richard Liu has received many awards over the years, including being named as “Asia’s Businessman of The Year by Fortune Magazine” in 2010 & 2017, Top Ten Most Influential Chief Executive Officers amongst China Internet Companies by Forbes Magazine in 2012,2017; 14th Fastest-Growing Private Company in Asia Pacific Region by Deloitte 2015;s World’s Best CEO by Harvard Business Review in 2016.

Richard Liu has successfully put JD on the map and continues to transform it into a major player within China. The company focuses not only just e-commerce but also on investment, cloud computing technology & many more areas of business that are available for them to explore. They have an extensive supply chain base which encourages growth with over 400 logistics centers across 180 cities in China alone! This allows them to provide their customers reliable services due to the vast networks throughout various regions, allowing people from rural areas to access products much easier than ever. Before, even if there isn’t a physical store near you – this is something other retailers are having trouble doing, making JD stand out further from the competition. 

They achieved their $25 billion in revenue within just ten years, which is a huge achievement and shows how successful they have been since opening in 2004! They are now one of China’s biggest tech companies with 217,000 employees worldwide. With global revenues increasing by 40% every year, it is no surprise that JD has become such a dominant force within e-commerce & retailing. Liu’s leadership and motivation have helped them go from strength to strength over the last few decades and will continue to do so for many more years to come making him an Iconic figurehead due to his extraordinary entrepreneurial skillset. 

On December 13th, 1969, Richard was born into a middle-class family near Chengdu, China. 

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