MUST-READ: 3 Significant Insights Beauty Startups Can Learn From Malacka Reed El

MUST-READ: 3 Significant Insights Beauty Startups Can Learn From Malacka Reed El

Do you want to develop sustainable cosmetics? Or are you new in your market and are wondering about launching your beauty brand and disrupting the international market? Worry no more. 

Malacka Reed El is the real solution. She is the owner of the Malacka showroom in LA and the Skai Ryan Cosmetics & Beau Boutique MUA located at Security Square Mall, which she named after her third child. This woman has an online boutique that is very popular and big. She works online, selling her clothes. Malacka is a motivational speaker who speaks everywhere, wherever she is hired. As a consultant, she helps people set up their business and teaches them how to set up an online clothing boutique business and make it successful. 

Here are five lessons you can learn from her;

Leverage On Social Media

As a startup, social media can help meet your needs. From branding to sales and measure, you can leverage the power of social media and scale your business. Malacka teaches how to draw people to your Instagram page and help them with vendors in all of it. Malacka has her cosmetic line of makeup and clothes, which she sells online. She is a multiple stylists, and you can see it on her social media platforms. When Malacka released her first book, “I’m Ready For My Close Up,” on and several social media outlets, it sold out in 20 minutes. 

Malacka uses her social media outlets, YouTube motivational speechless, mentoring, and life coaching to uplift and inspire. She posts on her Instagram and Twitter pages(@MalackaReed1), and the underlying theme is to spread your wings and fly. Through social media, Malacka has influenced thousands of people through her genuine and energetic speeches and uplifting words of inspiration. Thousands of people admire her, making her pay very close attention to her behavior. 

Turn Your Negatives Into Positives

The path to success is not usually an easy one. It is always synonymous with rejection and is usually a lonely path. To disrupt the cosmetic world, Malacka had to turn her lemon into lemonade. This woman lost her virginity when she was 14 years old after being brutally raped. She got her first daughter when she was 15 years old. She had grown in an environment of drugs, violence, and poverty. Malacka felt broken and lost. She thought of selling sex for money and material things. However, all the things that she passed through were preparing her for a better life. All that she wanted to do was turn all those negatives into positives. And guess what, she turned her mess into a message that scaled her beyond six figures. 

Be Determined

Despite all the negative things that Malacka went through, she received the support of her mother. As a result, she became determined not to be a victim and committed to changing the course of her journey. And finally, she made it. Determination will help you as a startup to overcome the unexpected. Also, it will enable you to keep focused. Additionally, it will help you to dig deep down and unlock your full potential. 

Wrapping Up

If you are a startup in the cosmetics line, leverage social media, turn your negatives into positives, and be focused and determined. Success will come following you. 

For more tips on how to crush it as a beginner, you can connect to Malacka here. 

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