Vacation With Dogs: Why I Always Pack My BarxBuddy Busy Ball And BarxBuddy Silicone Dog Bowl

Vacation With Dogs: Why I Always Pack My BarxBuddy Busy Ball And BarxBuddy Silicone Dog Bowl

Vacations are one of life’s good experiences where we get to relax with the people and things that make us happy. They don’t come often, but when they do, it’s always great to make the best experience of them.

While we prepare for a great vacation, there are many things we need to put in check so that we don’t ruin it. Some of those things are what we and our pets need.

For humans, we often can still make do with a few things, but our pets may not necessarily share that understanding. And if not properly managed, the absence of such things might just ruin the vacation. 

I once had a bad experience due to poor preparation while on a vacation with my dog. I was so obsessed with the things I needed that I forgot what my dogs would need. The result? It was one of my least enjoyed vacations. 

After then, I learnt to always prepare well for my dogs whenever I am going on vacations with them. And two of the things that have proved useful for me are the Busy Ball and the Silicone Dog Bowl from BarxBuddy. 

BarxBuddy is a company that creates innovative dog and pet products. Its first product, BarxBuddy has made considerable impacts in many dogs owners’ lives. Building on the success of its ultrasonic barking device, it has created the Busy Ball and the Silicone Dog Bowl. 

These two items are so important to me that I have promised to always go on vacations with them. You may be curious about why this is so. Well, you will get to know when you read below on why I pack them along with me anytime I am vacating with my dogs..

My dog can easily eat and hydrate anywhere: 

While out or on a walk with your dog, it is okay to wait until you return home before feeding your dog. However, this is not possible if you’re on a vacation with your dog that would take several days before you return. Your dog would’ve been famished and dehydrated.

Feeding my dog while on vacations was quite difficult since there were many places I had to visit and a dog plate was not readily available to feed my dog. Even when I considered carrying along the conventional dog plate with me wherever I went, it was quite inconvenient. This was because of the space it occupied in my bag and the mess it ocassionally caused.

Silicone Dog Bowl by BarxBuddy

That is why I’m glad that I discovered BarxBuddy Silicone Dog Bowl. It is a collapsible and rollable plate for dogs. I can easily tuck it in my backpack and bring it out anytime I need to feed my dog. It works easily for me that way, and I enjoy the convenience all the time. 

To have time for other things: True, I am going on a vacation to relax, but I might also want to do other things like write or read a book. Those times, however, my dogs may want to play and jump all over me. That is why I always look for things to engage my dogs with so that I can focus on what I want to do. 

Busy Ball by BarxBuddy

My favourite option is the BarxBuddy Busy Ball. This is a smart motion-activated ball that keeps my dog entertained for as long as I want. It is rechargeable and water-proof. A unique attribute of it is that its motions never repeats, so my dog keeps playing with it as long as it is on. 

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