What You Can Learn From Dr. Stephanie Krol, About Reversing  Disease and the Silent Pain In Dogs and Cats!

What You Can Learn From Dr. Stephanie Krol, About Reversing Disease and the Silent Pain In Dogs and Cats!

Every pet owner who loves their pet, will agree that dogs and cats do not deserve to live their lives in pain and suffering. Do you know if you would recognize if your dog or cat is internally suffering? There are not always outward signs you would notice. Oftentimes, only an ultrasound will show you what damage has gone on inside your pet  from years of toxicity building up. 

Many Diseases affect dogs and cats around the world. In dogs, diabetes, obesity, and cancer remain the top leading cause of death among dogs. When you lose a dog or a cat, you are not just losing a pet, but a best pet. Pet owners can attest to how painful it is to lose your pet dog or cat, why not spend a little extra time with the correct professional that can help you create health and wellness in your pet rather than bandaid common steps in disease states like allergies and inflammation with a drug, that creates more disease and toxicity? This is the same treatment used for people too, by to restore health and wellness we need to do the opposite

Dr. Stephanie Krol knows the feeling of losing a pet dog or cat. Dr. Stephanie nearly lost her Jack Russell Terrier named Winston. She loved her dog so much that when she got a very bad diagnosis from a specialty clinic and a top veterinary school she refused to give up and found a way to prevent suggested surgery and save his life!. “The thought that I might lose my best friend was unbearable. I could not let that happen,” she said. It was very fortunate that Dr. Stephanie successfully found a way to help her dog regain his vitality.

Dr. Stephanie is a certified raw dog food nutrition specialist. She is a proud owner of a Jack Russell Terrier named Winston. Dr. Stephanie was a former educator and higher education Dean, but being a dog owner is by far her most proud and  her favorite title. She now embarks on an endeavor to teach dog owners how to make their dogs healthier by adopting good practices in properly feeding them.

All About Dr. Stephanie

Dr. Stephanie is well-known in the academic world as an award-winning educator and a sought-after Dean in for-profitHigher Education in Allied Health Schools. After she moved forward from teaching, Dr. Stephanie rekindled an old deep passion for animal welfare by becoming a certified raw dog food nutrition specialist. She provides disease reversal education and proper diet plans for dogs. Hence, she is the go-to person of dog owners to take good care of their dogs the right way.

Dr. Stephanie is certified and accredited Animal Psychology/Pets Behavior Specialist. She has a Professional Status with the International Association of Canine Professionals. In addition, Dr. Stephanie earned a certification from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners through the Health Coach Division. She is known as a strong supporter of animal rights.

“I always have had a strong emotional connection with all animals and a couple of humans. Doing pet wellness coaching is like rekindling a comfortable old deep love. I am passionate about it and I love it daily with my boy,” Dr. Stephanie said.  

  1. She helps pet owners in finding the root cause of certain diseases afflicting their pets. 
  2. Dr. Stephanie provides them with a proper plan to reverse them. 
  3. She shares what she learned while navigating the traditional medical system to make the right choice for her dog.

Reversing Disease with the Proper Diet

“As pet owners, we must educate ourselves, so our dogs and cats can live happy, healthy, and protected lives,” Dr. Stephanie said. She pointed out that people tend to feed their dogs and cats around their convenience and not based on their pet’s health. “Many dogs around the world and cats are suffering silently with unnecessary disease and aging prematurely. We can attribute it to the overly processed, cleverly-marketed commercial pet food and a couple other common items that add to the body’s toxic overload, but there research out there that even if other items like chemicals are placed on and in our pets, striking research leads back to what we feed them to keep them healthy,” she added.

While trying to heal her dog, Dr. Stephanie dove deep  into  commercially available pet food. She found out that most of the promises made on the packages of commercialized pet food are often exaggerated and sometimes flat-out inaccurate, not to mention the highly publicized fat content. “The bulk of the pet food product comes from nutritionally empty and worthless animal byproducts and synthetic isolated sources of supplements to try to put nutrition back in that was cooked out to cook out bacteria and disease at times. Usually, animal parts that are byproducts of food production that  no longer fit human consumption, called rendering, are allowed in pet food. In addition, some of the animal by-products can contain tumors or lots of fat that are not good for your dog’s health,” she explained. Fatty adipose tissue is where animals and humans store their toxins in their bodies to keep them away from their organs to preserve life, truly simple biology,  and this is what we are feeding  to our dogs and cats and other animals  in commercialized diets. These are just some of the items allowed.

“We have changed the conversation of vets visits as love of our pets to show our love to our dogs to what we put on and in them daily and what we are feeding them, which hopefully are healthy and nutritious meals. Hence, it is essential to start asking yourself if the food you are giving your dog is healthy and literally actual food.  A super great way to answer that question is identifying, if it’s real food? Not processed food. Does it contain hazardous chemicals? Then ask: Will this food make my dog sick or healthy?” Dr. Stephanie said.

Dr. Stephanie said that certain raw food remains the healthiest food for your dog. “Time and time again, science and research have proven the health benefits of raw food on our dogs. After all, our dogs are 99% biologically identical to their ancestors’ wolves, so why are we feeding them differently,” she explained. 

Dr. Stephanie reminded dog owners that feeding their dogs with meals consisting of human food is not only a dog-friendly strategy, but also a savvy, brilliant one.. “It is better than anything being offered in the commercialized pet industry, but it still has ill-effects on your dog. Combining plant foods with meat can cause a level of toxicity not good for your dog, but it’s still leaps and bounds better than the processed commercialized pet food, which is really no different than fast foods for humans,” she said. She added that it  harms their dogs over time, so even if your pet seems fine now, do not wait till they are sick and suffering. 

“The nutritional properties of bones and meat diminishes as you cook it. Cooking also changes the structure of the bone and devoid its nutritional content. As they get brittle, cooked bones are dangerous for your dog. That is why I never recommend serving your dog with cooked bones,” Dr. Stephanie noted.

Dr. Stephanie attested that switching to a proper raw diet helped Winston become healthy again, and with tremendous weekly evidential progress. Isaw weekly changes, she said, letting her know she was on the right track; unfortunately, that didn’t spare her well-earned grey hair. “A change in your dog’s diet can make a big difference on his health, pain and longevity. The right food could optimize your dog’s health, wellness, and lifespan,” she added.

Dr. Stephanie invites dog and cat owners to learn how to restore their dog’s health through a specialized diet. “I can teach dog owners how to stop putting toxins on their dogs. You will learn a science-based nutrition plan that can prevent and in most cases, reverse or put into remission disease in your pet. A proper raw diet is vital in keeping your dog healthy,” she said.

Learn the good practices to make your dog healthy with Dr. Stephanie by visiting www.wellnessandhealthnow.com.

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