Full Story: The Oily Pilgrimage Of Kristjan Podgornik To Be A ‘Golden’ Celebrity

Full Story: The Oily Pilgrimage Of Kristjan Podgornik To Be A ‘Golden’ Celebrity

Born in Slovenia, Kristjan Podgornik is the founder of Golden Experience, and with his brand, he endeavors to create the best products in the world. Today, his most incredible creation is producing a world-class olive oil infused with 24 karat gold flakes. This single product has won him international awards and accolades and a consistent presence in the kitchen of the most prominent names in the world.

About Kristjan Podgornik

Kristjan Podgornik is one of the upcoming entrepreneurs in Slovenia who, in his younger years, grew up surrounded by beauty and art. He is a gifted son of an international fine arts dealer. Accustomed to art, he developed a sense of art, and as a proud Slovenian, he knows the beauty of his home country. The country endowed with a beautiful landscape is an excellent motivation for his lust for creating something aesthetic and attractive. 

Indeed, the golden olive oil is a beauty that does not disappoint. Sourced from Istria, the olive oil boasts top-notch quality, considering this part of the world is known for its quality olive oil. Launched by Kristjan Podgornik, the Golden Experience created the best olive oil globally and added its value by infusing 24 karat gold flakes in every bottle. As a result, the product has won an award at the Sol D”Oro, which is the most important competition for olive oils in the world. 

He admits that the Golden olive oil is influenced by his taste as influenced by his artistic father. Together he has sought to give the most fantastic experience in the world. The quality of this masterpiece is evident from the handmade velvet packaging, glass capped with gold burned on decorations. The bottle features an engraved tree and glass decoration. The product stands out amongst its competitors. 

Spread Beauty and a Golden Experience

Surprisingly, this product is not just a means of making coins but a mode of spreading beauty and love. Through this purest olive and the golden flakes, the products give a golden experience, just as the name suggests. In addition, every bottle purchased comes with a personalized card and message of goodwill. It is for this reason that this product is enjoyed globally along with quality meals. 

Kristjan Podgornik encourages all his clients to create a special occasion to share the golden experience with their loved ones. He advises they host a celebratory meal and gather their friends and enjoy the world’s best olive oil with meat or fish. 

A Jack of all Trades

Kristjan Podgornik is a founder of this great establishment, a prominent event organizer, and a brand developer. His loyalty to Slovenia inspires him to bring in a list of great celebrities and show them the wonders of his home country. During his time in the industry, he has managed to break bread with names such as Samuel. L. Jackson, Will Smith, and John Malkovich. These people have enjoyed his work and have agreed to it being the best olive oil they have tasted.

He claims, despite Slovenia being a small country, it has high-quality experiences. Slovenia is close to breathtaking tourist destinations like Venice, Vienna, and Munich. Blessed by the best cuisines in the world, Slovenia offers tourists a memorable experience. From the food to the restaurants. Slovenia is one of the best in the world. His best restaurant CUBO serves the Golden Experience.

Kristjan is making the Golden Experience an internationally renowned brand not only within Slovenia but also in Europe and America

Website: https://www.goldenproducts.eu/the-story/

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