How to Competitively Leverage Your Brand in the Market

How to Competitively Leverage Your Brand in the Market

A key starting point for every business is to build a brand that adds value to the bottom line by appealing to funders and consumers. Brand building is something that requires strategy. A business must acknowledge its strengths, clarify its purpose, and build and showcase its brand value. We talked to founder and brand developer Andrea Copeland to learn how companies can leverage their brand in the market competitively.

Leveraging to Beat the Odds

Leveraging your brand competitively in the market calls for a strategy. This strategy entails having an idea or a vision of what you want to create and a roadmap on how to get there. If the vision is to stand out from competitors with your unique selling point, then you have to have a clearly defined vision that reflects in your content. After that, you need funding to create the right messaging and deliver the right product/service to the marketing.

Andrea posits that acquiring grants or funding requires you to craft the right statement about who you are and clearly to your consumer audience, funding audience, or brand partnership audience how your brand will be able to deliver competitive results. You want to identify grants or funders who align with your mission or organization so that they can assist you by providing support and solutions that will give your business a competitive advantage.

Competitively leveraging your brand in the market also requires you to structure your organization to be successful. You build a structure with an optimal workflow with employees and teams that understand your vision and work towards helping you achieve it. What’s more, your structure should reflect the three keys to success: your purpose, your values, and your story. It should embody the reason you started and your shared beliefs and deliver a cohesive story that connects you with your stakeholders.

Every aspect of your business should communicate that competitive edge. This means your website, content, logo, actions, and overall messaging. You don’t just set up a website, but you put it so that your funders will find what they’re looking for on your platform.

Andrea Copeland’s Historia Group.

Historia Group is an organization that offers the development and growth of minority-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs from underserved communities. They work with organizations that have a vision but don’t have the technical skills to create their vision into reality. This organization offers extensive services that include: funding development, helping organizations find funding that supports their vision, packaging materials for whatever, identifying funding proposals you want to go after, start-up operations,, your 501c3, web development, brand development, and non-profit development, amongst others.

Andrea Copeland is a co-founder of Historia Group. Shthe e says that although their organization works with organizations of all types, they have a special focus on development and growth of minority-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs from underserved communities.

Andrea and her co-founder Natasha have a combined 24 years of experience in brand and non-profit development. They have extensive case studies showcasing their success. Their organization’s massive success within a short time is also proof that Andrea and Natasha are seasoned entrepreneurs who can successfully develop a brand.

Additionally, they have a team of experts that specializes in nonprofit operations consulting and mission-led development planning. Their expertise can be of immense help for non-profits looking to conduct feasibility studies. They provide small business and nonprofit consulting, develop comprehensive operational strategies, and create powerful brands that help strengthen the impact of the organization. With their help, non-profits can conduct a thorough feasibility study and create a well-defined strategy that ensures the success of their mission-driven ideas.

If you’re interested in how to leverage your brand in the market competitively, you can learn more by checking out their



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