“40 Under 40 & Top 50” + “Investor, Advisor, Partner, & Serial Entrepreneur

“40 Under 40 & Top 50” + “Investor, Advisor, Partner, & Serial Entrepreneur

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All by age 21 & 2021 and even a year later: Royston G King is a self-made & world-renowned 8-figure multi-millionaire award-winning serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, socialite media personality, top expert guest contributor, unparalleled philanthropist, investor, partner, & advisor to celebrities, billionaires, royal family brands, billion-dollar brands, public-listed companies, social media verified (actors, pro athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, personal brand influencers, etc.), Fortune500, & board of advisor to 100+ companies, etc. And over 12+ million direct social media followers, 1+ billion views, Google verified, featured in most of the world’s biggest news/media publications (including TV, radio, newspaper, NYC billboard, magazine front cover, etc.), honorary recipient of dozens of awards/accolades (including Top 10s, Top 20s, 30 Under 30, 40 Under 40, Top 50s, Top 100s, etc.), & connected/rubbed shoulders with the world’s biggest celebrities, billionaires, billion-dollar CEOs, Hollywood, media moguls, native country politicians, etc. As well as being directly backed by a 9 Figure $100+ Million liquid net worth individual & his portfolio companies.

He is one of the most highly sought-after life & business grandmaster strategist, and an upcoming billionaire revolutionizing billions of lives & the world to create a heaven on earth.

Royston is the world’s most accomplished self-made entrepreneur by age 21 and the year 2021 from Malaysian Chinese origins in his category.

The range of his accomplishments are:

  • Founder of Royston G King Group [ 2016-]
  • Founder of Good Purpose Life [, 2016-]
  • Founder of Trillion-Dollar Growth [2021-]
  • Founder of Good Purpose Universe [ 2021-]
  • Founder of Retail Billions (with Caleen Caseryn & Datuk Seri Garry) [ 2021-]
  • Advisor, Partner, and Board member of Rotol Group Of Companies [2021-]
  • Advisor, Partner, and Board member of Chakri Group Of Restaurants/Rotol Food Chain [2021-]
  • Formerly part of Bain&Co. (1 of 1, top 3 management consulting firm with Mckinsey & BCG)
  • Former hedge fund, venture capital, private equity, investment banking, & asset management firms respectively
  • Formerly part of the Deloitte 
  • Executive director at Kairos Society
  • Project consultant to FDM Group NY, Outernets, AIA Insurance, Holmesglen Institute, Humanitix, Buller-Wines Australia, Frans Voskuil, etc.

And for 2022 Royston has had another year of unprecedented accomplishments, With successes like:

  • FounderGood Purpose Foundation [ 2022-]
  • Investor & Advisor for Samurai 2K Aerosol A public-listed company on SGX $Y8E [2022]
  • Group Director Of ASEAN for Founders Space [2022]
  • Advisor for Aladdin Group [2022]
  • Advisor & Chief Corporate Strategist with Dr. Oh Ph.D. For Whizspace [2022]
  • Partner, Advisor & Chief Marketing Officer for Josens Health (Australian supplement brand) & Algae International (Biotech corp & bionexus public company) with Jag Kaurah & Dr. Francis MD [ 2022]
  • Advisor & Chief Digital Strategist for Bio-Kai Inc USA & Bio Medican Inc USA with Dr. Maxim Ph.D. [2022]
  • Advisor & Chief Digital Marketer for Extolabs Inc USA, Ethernom Inc USA, & spChips Inc USA [2022]
  • Quantitive Analyst for Quadrant Capital Pte Ltd / Quadrant Capital Management / Quadrant PLC Group Of Companies [ 2022]
  • Advisor & Chief Digital Marketer for RS & GIS Consultancy (Geographical Information Systems) [2022]
  • Advisor & Chief Marketing Officer for Juva Truffle Center (with Dr. Salem) [2022]
  • Advisor & Chief Marketing Officer for TDOX Asia [2022]

Nobody else in this world from his age, origins, & time has the experience, track record, & network like Royston.

Additionally, by age 21, no one in this world has the level of philanthropy as Royston does

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