Top 8 U.S. states for Accidental Death to Pedestrians

Top 8 U.S. states for Accidental Death to Pedestrians

States are known for everything from animals to flowers and unique sites, but some have certain areas with less charming qualities. Highways known for high numbers of fatal accidents, deadly rivers, and some of the most tragic incidents in this country’s history top the list. These eight states, however, earn the title od most accidental deaths for pedestrians. 

A Note on the Numbers

The following statistics, from the Governors Highway Association, are based on pedestrian traffic deaths for every 100,000 people living in the state. With fatalities reaching a 30-year high in 2018, it’s becoming evident that this problem isn’t going away anytime soon despite other traffic-related fatalities on the decline. 

Numbers were steadily decreasing from 1990’s 6,482 to 2009’s 4,109, and 19-year difference. From 2009 to 2018, only nine years apart, the number of pedestrian fatalities increased dramatically. The preliminary data, or numbers gathered in the first six months, had already reached 6,227 fatal incidents. 

1. Georgia

In the first six months of 2018, Georgia had already reached 133 pedestrian deaths. This was an increase from 2017’s total of 101. The rate at which these incidents occur, however, is down to 1.27 from 2.49. There’s still time for that frequency to increase, though. 

2. Hawaii

While Hawaii’s number of deaths is less, their rate is higher due to a smaller population. For 2017, the rate ended at 1.05. In 2018, it shot up to 1.36 just six months in. Total deaths had only increased by one at the time, bringing the number to 19. 

3. South Carolina

With a total of 69 deaths in the first half of 2017, 2018 had already reached 74 in the same timeframe. Those five deaths translate to a change from 3.15 to 1.46, showing a decrease in frequency but a larger number of casualties per incident. 

4. Mississippi

Mississippi’s deaths rose from 31 to 44 in a year’s time. However, the fatality dropped by almost an entire point in the first six months of 2018. The deaths per 100,000 went from 2.37 to 1.46. As more data comes in, this information will likely change and may surpass the 2017 rate. 

5. Florida

Dropping from a total fatality rate of 3.14 to a six-month fatality rate of 1.55, it looks as though Florida may surpass itself. A shocking 330 deaths occurred in the first part of 2018, though that is only up from 326 the previous year.

6. Louisiana

With 69 deaths and a rate of 2.48 in 2017, Louisiana was behind several other states on this list for all the right reason. Those numbers, however, increased to 77 pedestrian fatalities and a rate of 1.66 per 100,000 in the first half of 2018.

7. Arizona

Arizona has seen a drastic increase from 112 deaths to 125 in the first half, putting it on track to be hotbed for the 2018 year as data continues to surface. The rate is already over half at 1.74 to 2017’s 3.21. 

8. New Mexico

Statistically, New Mexico is set to be the worst state for 2018. Its six-month rate is already 2.26 while all of 2017 sits at 3.53. Fatalities were 32, but are now 47 for the first half the following year. That’s an immense increase that could more than double the totals in 2018. 

Seeking Aid

Newer technology on semi-autonomous cars is aiming to help prevent these unfortunate casualties. Until then, family members can rely on pedestrian accident attorneys to get the compensation they deserve from the drivers in these incidents. While no amount of money can bring a loved one back, it can help pay for funeral expenses and related costs. 

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