Jurgen Cautreels Shares: Top Things You Need To Know Before Entering The Digital Marketing Industry

Jurgen Cautreels Shares: Top Things You Need To Know Before Entering The Digital Marketing Industry

Digital marketing is one field that has been gaining traction and evolving over the years. Since digital marketing encompasses conventional marketing, site design, SEO, social media marketing, content authoring, and much more, the skills necessary to succeed are many and diverse. The digital sector is broad, and newbies and marketers wanting to identify their specialty may find it difficult to navigate.

Hence, there are important things you need to know before going into the industry. Speaking to a digital marketing expert, Jurgen Cautreels shared with us the top things you need to know.

Is digital marketing a good career?

Digital marketing is an exciting field to work in. We live in the digital age, and marketing budgets are changing from traditional channels to digital advertising. 

Companies and businesses need to increase their online visibility, and digital marketing positions are in great demand all across the world. Digital marketing is perfect for those who want to create their own firms or operate as full-time freelancers since you don’t have to be physically present in a certain area.

Jurgen Cautreels, can you give a summary of the skills required to be a digital marketer?

Digital marketers need a wide variety of both hard and soft talents. Some need extensive expertise, while others are less necessary or simple to learn—and, as usual, the whole list of talents you’ll need as a Digital Marketer varies depending on where you work and what you do.

As a professional, can you explain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)  in digital marketing?

SEO is the practice of comprehending how search engines like Google index data and then optimizing a web page and its content to maximize high-quality online traffic. In many cases, the purpose of SEO is to boost a page or website’s ranking in search engine results without spending any money.

While SEO focuses on free techniques for increasing search engine exposure, it depends on paid tactics. You’ve seen SEM at work if you’ve ever Googled anything and seen the ‘Ad’ wording next to the top results. Hence, SEO and SEM are one of the backbones of digital marketing.

How are digital marketing and the latest trends correlate?

Digital marketing is a vocation that is always changing and evolving. To succeed in digital marketing, you have to stay up with the current developments. 

The demands changes with time. So, if you fall behind, others will step in to fill the void. Attend virtual seminars, enroll in online programs, and try to remain ahead of the game rather than just staying up.

Do you need to be a tech-savvy to excel as a digital marketer?

Since the sector relies heavily on technology, you must have a firm grasp of the subject and be able to pick up new skills rapidly. Digital natives, such as those in the millennial generation, may take this as second nature. 

In contrast, those in earlier generations may wish to take the time to learn about more general software and tools, such as audience listening and search engine marketing (SEM).

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