Why Handmade Pocket Squares Are The Real Deal

Why Handmade Pocket Squares Are The Real Deal

Pocket squares are a timeless fashion accessory that has been adorned with jackets since the 19th century. We’ve watched films where celebrities almost always had a pocket square, e.g. James Bond, who wears his pocket square as a clean fold with a few inches extending beyond his chest pocket. 

Pocket squares have come a long way. Initially, it was common to see black or white pocket squares. But thanks to designers like Cesar Cruz (nicknamed Rickie Cruz), we started to see pocket squares that break away from traditions. 

We got the chance to speak to Cesar Cruz to learn why hand-made pocket squares are the real deal. 


Cesar Cruz is the founder of Sebastian Cruz Couture, a leading high-end fashion brand in men’s fashion. Cesar started the business together with his wife, Natasha. The couple loves fashion and has been involved in fashion for most of their adult life. 

Cesar and Natasha incorporated their company in 2014. They named the company Sebastian Cruz Couture as they always wanted to have a son named Sebastian.

Cesar and his wife entered the fashion field with pocket squares. Cesar got the inspiration to sell hand-made pocket squares in 2012 when he and Natasha were about to get married. He had gone to pick two custom suits from his alterations person. When he entered the store, he saw the daughter of the alterations person make a hand-crocheted pocket square. Immediately, he got the idea to sell this unique design. 

Sebastian Cruz Couture’s Pocket Squares 

Cesar’s pocket squares are highly detailed and hand-made. Before he entered the market, the pocket squares at the time were 16 by 16-inch silk or mesh pockets that went for about $400. These pocket squares would droop over or fall off. Moreover, the pocket squares were conservative colors like white or black. 

Cesar disrupted the market by introducing pocket squares with hand-crocheted borders. His initial pocket squares were made of fine linen. Over time, he introduced pocket squares made from cotton, wool, and cashmere. The pocket squares come in different colors and patterns. 

Why Pocket Squares are the Real Deal 

To Cesar, pocket squares are the real deal as they let you express your individuality. They are a great fashion statement-one that communicates elegance. 

A pocket square complements your whole look. When you coordinate the colors from your accessories to your entire look, you send the message that you’re on top of your style game. 

Cesar’s designs are completely bold, innovative, and fearless. When you look at the styling on his Instagram page, you’ll see how he manages to express art in every hand-made pocket square that he showcases with a jacket. 

To Conclude 

The massive success that Cesar’s pocket squares have are proof that they are the real deal. Before Cesar entered the market, people used to buy pocket squares that were made from delicate fabric. These pocket squares would slip, and the wearer would find themselves constantly adjusting them as they wore them. He introduced a design that doesn’t fall off by combining strong materials like fine linen and a Turkish cotton hand crochet border. Pocket squares are an excellent addition to one’s look. They are a symbol of individuality and self-expression. You can explore Cesar’s pocket squares on his website.

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