What to Do in Case of a Car Accident

No one likes to think about gloomy subjects such as car accidents, but the reality is that it can happen. Many people aren’t sure what they should do if they’re involved in a fender bender, wether accidental or as a result of a USA crime

Often they don’t get all the correct information or do things which could cause them to invalidate an insurance claim. Have a look at the things you should and shouldn’t do if you have an accident. 

Stop Your Car

No matter how light you think the collision may have been, you need to abide by the law and stop your car. Check for injuries for yourself and your passengers. Get out of your vehicle if it’s safe to do so, and inspect the damage. If possible for safety, If it’s a light bumper bashing, move the cars out of the road.

Never assume responsibility for the accident. When the insurance company processes your claim, they will discuss liabilities, so leave it to the professionals to do the talking. 

According to experts at BrokerLink.ca, your cover can pay for any losses regardless of who’s at fault. This will, of course, depend on which package you have. 


What Do to at the Scene

Try to gather as much information as possible about the accident and any other parties involved. Even if you might be highly emotional, it’s best not to get confrontational with the other driver. You need to exchange details which consists of your name and insurance information. 

If possible, take some photos of the damage and the area using your phone. If any witnesses are willing to cooperate, take down their contact details too. Once the police arrive on the scene and document the accident, you need to take down the police report number, and the officer’s name and telephone number.  


Decide on a Claim

Depending on the type of cover you have and the severity of the accident, you need to decide if you want to file a claim with your insurance. If the accident was your fault and it seems like only minor damage was caused, you might consider not claiming

However, keep in mind that even small damages can turn out to be costly. Some 10mph accidents have resulted in costs of between $3,000 and $6,000. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you might still have to use your insurance. 

Once you’ve lodged a claim with the insurance company, they will liaise with the other driver’s insurer. If you do get paid, it might not be enough to cover your damages, and then you would need to get the difference from your cover.


Final Thoughts

Accidents happen, and nothing can be done about it except to take a deep breath and handle it correctly. Keep your safety priority at an accident scene and only get out if it’s safe after you’ve stopped your car. 

Take as much information as possible at the time, including the other driver’s details, but never admit responsibility. Make use of your coverage if their insurance doesn’t pay enough to cover your costs. Following the correct steps will ensure that your claiming process will be more relaxed and less stressful. 

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