The Best Hand Sanitizer Dispensers with UV Light

Each business continues to protect their staff and clients by taking necessary steps to stop spreading bacteria. From PPEs to contactless devices, everyone wants to make sure that they are not carrying infectious diseases. One of the most common ways to provide sanitizing options at business is using touchless hand sanitizer dispensers with UV light.

UV light sanitizers have become very popular to kill infectious viruses. The technology of using ultraviolet light to disinfect surfaces is not a new discovery, but the development of creating small devices that offer it to consumers has made it accessible for everyone.

Due to stores running low on hand sanitizer supplies, using UV light devices have grown more popular recently. Many businesses have installed UV light fixtures that are safe on humans to destroy all the germs living inside the building.

It has been proven that UV light can disinfect surfaces such as floors, tables, electronics, clothes, and human skin, but how does it work and how can hand sanitizers be effective to protect the body from viruses?

This article will help answer all of your questions about hand sanitizers and how to provide double protection in buildings.

The general rules to use hand sanitizers effectively

Before explaining how to use hand sanitizer properly and what you need to ensure that it is killing germs, it is crucial to mention that the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone to wash their hands with soap and water when it is available instead of using hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizers are great to keep your hands clean but due to many people using it incorrectly it could become dangerous. When people don’t follow the instructions of using hand sanitizer they will think that their hands are germ free and start to eat or touch surfaces that require clean hands.

Here are the general rules when using hand sanitizers:

Rule 1. Only use alcohol-based hand sanitizers with 60% or more

In order for hand sanitizers to work on killing infectious bacteria, it must be alcohol-based with a concentration of 60% to 95% in one bottle. Alcohol can be listed as an active ingredient with different names such as ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol.

The cell membrane of the bacterium can only be dissolved with hand sanitizer that contains high concentrated alcohol.

Rule 2. Use the right amount to cover the hands

Hand sanitizers are required to be used similarly to hand washing with soap and water. Once you have hand sanitizer dispensed onto your hand, begin to rub it all over to check if it covers every area including the wrists and between the finger.

Keep rubbing the hand sanitizer for 20 to 30 seconds. If it does not cover all the areas on your hand, it is recommended to add more to ensure that they are clean.

Rule 3. Do not wipe it off

The most common mistake when using hand sanitizer is wiping it off before drying. Hand sanitizers need time to allow it to dry and evaporate completely if you want it to work effectively.

A bacterium has an exterior layer called the cell membrane that works to guard its insides to keep it alive. The alcohol in hand sanitizers needs time to penetrate that outer layer that protects the bacteria from dying.

If the hand sanitizer gets wiped off before drying it will not kill all of the bacteria on your hands.

How to store hand sanitizer

Many businesses buy hand sanitizers in bulks for multiple reasons. Buying it in bulks helps to save a lot of money by reducing the cost of each package. Some manufacturers offer businesses a contract that gives them a discounted rate than what they will find in local stores.

Buying hand sanitizers in bulks also helps to keep the environment of your business healthy by having a backup if stores ever happen to be running out of stock.

While having extra packages of hand sanitizers is beneficial, it is important to store it correctly. Since hand sanitizers are highly flammable you must keep it in a location that will keep it protected with fire-resistant walls and ceiling floors.

Hand sanitizers must be stored in a cool dry to avoid any risk of it evaporating, leaking, or exploding from heat.

When refilling the automatic dispensers, you have to make sure that the new bag does not have any physical damage and it is not expired. Once a bottle or bag of hand sanitizer is open the alcohol inside it will start to evaporate and lose its effectiveness in killing illness-causing bacteria. Expired hand sanitizers are completely useless when it comes to cleaning hands.

Avoid refilling dispensers in areas that could become a dangerous mishap if the hand sanitizer leaks. The best surfaces to refill dispensers are the ones that can be cleaned easily such as stainless steel counters.

Why hand sanitizer dispensers with UV light is important

The mix of hand sanitizer and UV light is the best way to provide a double protection that will immediately stop the spread of infectious diseases. The ultraviolet rays are used as an extra method to kill the bacteria and sterilize effectively.

UV lights come naturally from the sun, but it can also be a man-made source. UV lights have had a bad reputation due to research proving that it can cause skin cancer. There are three types of UV lights that are UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C.

UV-A and UV-B are both lights that are known to lead to sunburns and causing the skin to age faster. UV-C light is the type that is the most harmful but has the most energy.

Most man-made UV light devices use UV-C, as it is the most effective in killing bacteria and disinfecting surfaces.

The best automatic hand sanitizer dispensers with UV light

While UV sanitizer devices have grown popular, companies have created a hand sanitizer dispenser that includes UV light to give businesses the best result to keep public spaces free of harmful bacteria.

Here are the best automatic hand sanitizers with UV light

Kuman Automatic Liquid Spraying Dispenser for Hand Sanitizers with UV Light

Kuman’s automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is a great product to install in offices, schools, hotels, clinics, hospitals, and any public places. It is a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser that does not require any contact.

It increases the protection of everyone’s safety by working automatically to provide hand sanitizer without needing to touch surfaces that could carry bacteria. It also saves everyone time by working efficiently without needing to be wiped each time someone uses it.

When installing Kuman Automatic Dispenser you must leave space and avoid placing it in areas that can reflect strong sunlight. 

Sprayzer Touchless Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Sprayzer’s Touchless Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser has the capacity to hold 1000ml of liquid sanitizer. It can dispense three different forms of hand sanitizer that are liquid, gel, and spray.  

Sprayzer’s automatic dispenser has a battery that lasts for a long time and can be used 30,000 times or more. It includes a light that informs you if the dispenser is running low on battery, if it is not working, or if there is a leakage.

It comes with an LED light for night use and UV light to provide double protection.

JIERTYU Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser with UV Light Hand Cleaner

JIERTYU manufactures hand sanitizer dispensers that work quickly and efficiently without any contact. It detects hands correctly without getting confused by sunlight or objects.

The smart motion sensor creates a healthy environment by sanitizing the hands without touching it. It works perfectly for busy areas such as lobbies, hotels, and restaurants.

It’s important to note that JIERTYU creates hand sanitizer dispensers that are leakage proof, which is important for public spaces to ensure that everyone is safe due to hand sanitizer’s flammable nature.

KMN Hand Sanitizer Machine with Touchless Dispenser and UV Light

KMN is another automatic hand sanitizer dispenser that is battery operated. It has a large capacity of 1000ml and comes with UV light that adds the power to disinfect the skin along with the sanitizer.

KMN created a dispensing machine that prevents cross contamination with the smart sensor that provides the accurate amount to cover the entire hands. It can be mounted anywhere and it works for medical settings, schools, hotels, and offices.

LATT Automatic Alcohol Spray Dispenser

LATT is a contactless disinfection machine that sprays sanitizer as liquid instead of gel to ensure that it is spreading it in an even amount all over the hands. It can be operated with batteries or recharge it with an adapter.

It is suitable for all types of public spaces to prevent cross contamination and disinfecting the hands to stop it from spreading diseases. The dispenser is easy to refill and it can live for a long time thanks to its battery life.

LATT’s automatic contactless dispenser can be mounted in different areas as long as you follow the guidelines to use it safely.

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