The Partnership Redefining Online Fitness

The Partnership Redefining Online Fitness

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Aaron Nimmo and Cole Taylor are bringing a new face and re-shaping the online fitness industry through their company, The Starting Line. They have impacted over 50000 people within the last decade.

Aaron and Cole decided to come together with the sole reason and purpose of recognizing that one plus one was not equal within their business, and it was more of multiplication instead. “When you bring two guys together that have great skill sets that are entrepreneurs and motivated, and you take on the mentality that lets build something together, it is no longer about an individual but about creating a movement and creating something that is bigger.” Says Aaron. 

The duo took a step back to be selfless to be able to reach more people. That way, they were able to set even bigger goals and achieve them. 

Bringing A Balance

The Starting Line company works with busy professional guys. This is the group that Aaron and Cole are passionate about, and they enjoy being a part of them and surrounding themselves with busy entrepreneurs. 

Their goal was to create a path for those too busy, stressed, overwhelmed, and focused on their career but lacking time to take care of their bodies. They realized that the majority of people in these groups had bodies that were nowhere near where those people wanted them to be. And that these people needed someone who could shine a light on their life in bringing a balance that could match their businesses. 

These partners are now planning to launch another part of their business within the next 30 days. It will involve working with busy professional guys to create a healthier, more balanced routine to see progress with their fitness goals. Cole will be leading another sector of their business that is focused on business coaching. They will be coaching and teaching guys how to do precisely what they do. 

Visualization Is Becoming

In transforming your life, body, relationship, and business, what you see is what you become. The truth is what you see repeatedly; you begin to believe, and what you believe, you start to act accordingly. And did you know that how we constantly work and act will determine who we will become? Therefore, you need to take a hard look today at what you envision in your fitness goals because that is the direction your life will go. That visualization is an essential part of the daily routine in The Starting Line company. 


The Starting Line company receives leads of about 80- 320 every month. And for those leads that convert, this company endeavors to provide them with a life that aligns with their values and discover true fulfillment and purpose. They have pivoted into offering their coaching one on one. There are usually some touchpoints within a group format as far as accessing them personally is concerned. Everyone who works with them gets access to a one-on-one support coach. 

Therefore, you can connect to Aaron Nimmo on LinkedIn. 

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