Get Instant Justice with Free Legal Advice Online

Get Instant Justice with Free Legal Advice Online

There are so many different situations that call for the need of an attorney. You might be starting a new business and have some questions about liability and how to structure the new company to best protect yourself.

Or, you might have been involved in a horrible car accident and you have to go after the person that caused it for damages. Maybe you are about to file for divorce and you need to consult an attorney to best prepare for the mess ahead.

All situations are different, and some are outright horrible, but regardless of what you need, you can know that help is available online at all times. It’s an industry that knows there is no 9 to 5 when it comes to emergencies, so when you need legal advice the internet is the best resource.

Use a law firm directory.

There is no shortage of law firm directories online. You can use one of the several major ones to find a lawyer quickly, depending on exactly what type of advice and help you need.

You can use them as initial search tools, at least to identify the lawyers in your area that specialize in the practice areas that you are in need of. If you submit through the directory it will tend to go through a lead portal (that is how they make money). If you are in need of fast help, bypass that and just contact the law firm directly.

Get a free consultation.

Most law firms will at the very least offer you a free consultation. You never want to pay a retainer up front until you know that the lawyer understand you needs and wants, and feels confident he or she can help you.

You always want to do your due diligence first. Read reviews, look at BBB ratings, etc. This is a major decision, so you want to be certain you hire the right lawyer to help you. Fancy offices, big billboards, and other gimmicks aside, it’s the end result that matters – nothing else.

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Request an in-person consultation.

If your situation is very detailed and there are a lot of layers to it, then you might want to find an attorney that will do a free consultation in person, rather than over the phone or by email.

Some times talking in person helps to explain the situation and make sure both sides are on the same page and understands one another. You might need a personal injury lawyer and have an immediate need. For this you would want to sit down face to face right away.

Don’t be afraid to ask for this if your particular situation calls for it. If an attorney will not agree to this find one that will. There are a lot of options out there so make sure you hire one that you feel comfortable with and confident about.

Get multiple quotes.

If you are not in an immediate time crunch you should get a few different quotes from lawyers you feel confident in. The difference in price can often be several thousand dollars.

Some lawyers might throw out huge retainer fees simply because their demand is so high. You need to find a balance between a great lawyer and an affordable one.

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