How Respira Delivered a Sustainable Solution for People During the Covid-19 Pandemic

How Respira Delivered a Sustainable Solution for People During the Covid-19 Pandemic

When the Covid-19 pandemic spread across the globe, every sector of the economy was greatly impacted in one way or another. Many businesses had to send their employees home and some even had to close their doors for good. However, other businesses were able to shift their focus and offer solutions for the problems we, as a modern society, were now facing. Liquor companies started producing hand sanitizer, paper companies shifted their focus to toilet paper, and General Motors factories began making ventilators for health care institutions. Indeed, numerous companies were able to find a golden opportunity amidst the pandemic. According to a study by the World Bank, one-fourth of companies saw sales fall by 50%, but a third of the companies said their sales increased or remained the same. Respira was one of those companies that were able to take a daunting situation and make it an opportunity to innovate.

What Exactly is Respira?

Respira is the company behind Respira Air, the air-purifying garden that takes care of itself. This garden system tracks the growing conditions and maintenance of an indoor garden while also monitoring and improving the quality of the air in your space. The vertical garden brings lush nature to often bleak urban spaces and is a self-feeding, self-watering, and self-lighting system. On top of this, the system uses the hydroponic garden to optimize the power of plants and purify the air indoors through the process of biofiltration. 

Unlike other air purifiers, Respira permanently destroys airborne toxins and gasses known as volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Respira does this by actively pulling the contaminated air through the system and to the root zone of the plants, where beneficial micro bacteria are able to break down these toxins. Fresh, naturally purified air is then released back into your space through the front of the unit. 

How Respira Air Delivers a Sustainable Solution 

With the current state of the world, many individuals are looking for more sustainable solutions to the problems they face in their day-to-day lives. With air pollution being one of the major concerns for urban dwellers, it was about time someone came up with a product like this. With traditional air purification systems, you are required to change your filters every few months, and the filters you are no longer using end up getting tossed in the garbage. This leads to tons of disposable filters ending up in landfills every single year. Respira uses a custom-designed reusable pre-filter, leading to fewer filters ending up in our landfills. 

On top of that, Respira uses the power of plants through the process of biofiltration to filter out harmful toxins from the air we breathe. This process has been shown to actually become more effective over time as the microbiome can learn and become specialized to your space and the common toxins they are exposed to. The research shows that Respira has a 97% removal efficiency of the tested VOCs.

The Right Place at the Right Time

Respira launched about a year and a half ago in the height of the pandemic and saw great success as they offered a solution for the problems people were facing. At this time, people were not only looking for ways to purify the air indoors but they were also looking to bring more beauty and life into their homes – the places they were now spending the majority of their time. By providing a beautiful and functional solution, Respira’s supporters grew quickly and this helped the company realize the importance this product had in the market.The Respira Air is an incredible system that only marks the beginning of what this company plans to do. Their hope is to progress the world towards using more sustainable solutions that enhance people’s lives and reshape the way we interact with nature in the urban environment. Learn more about the company and how you can get your hands on one of these state-of-the-art products by visiting their website.

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