The Rise Of Charley Pangus To Disrupting Graphic Design Space

The Rise Of Charley Pangus To Disrupting Graphic Design Space

Graphic design is a great career for people with a creative bone and a knack for art, technology, and communication. This skill can lead to fantastic opportunities and exciting business ventures. However, studying graphic design doesn’t come cheap. You can pay as much as $20k in tuition fees if you pursue a certificate in this course. 

Luckily, Charley Pangus is one of the leading graphic design tutors disrupting the graphic design space by making learning affordable. 

A bit about Charley 

Charley is a logo and merch designer, entrepreneur, and photographer. He has nine years + of experience working as a freelance graphic designer and has worked with different kinds of clients. Charley has had the opportunity to work with his favorite metal band and with big brands like Squarespace, Skillshare, and Udemy. One of his main sponsors is Bella Canvas, and he has worked with BenQ and other brands. 

Charley’s journey into graphic design started at the end of middle school going into freshman year. His dad bought a 3D printing machine and used it to print shirts in their garage. It was while helping out his dad that Charley learned about photoshop. 

In 2013, Charley decided to upload a graphic design tutorial on youtube. The tutorial was an instant hit with over 60k views. Charley persisted in uploading tutorials every couple of months. In 2016, he quit his job and decided to go full-time into graphic design. 

Disrupting the Graphic Design Space 

Charley is disrupting the graphic design space by offering different services to his clients. He has a website where he sells digital assets to his customers and subscribers. Charley also sells mock-ups and teaches on 

Charley’s youtube channel and Udemy courses have helped thousands of people gain graphic design skills. The design concepts that would have cost thousands of dollars to learn can be accessed on his youtube channel for free. Through youtube, he has helped people at the beginner level, and those at the advanced level gain Photoshop and Illustrator skills. 

Anyone starting in photoshop will feel overwhelmed at where to start. Yet, the good news is that Charley has tutorials that provide step-by-step guides for beginners on youtube. So far, his youtube has 230k subscribers. You subscribe and get access to the tutorial for free and learn about merch design, logo design, emergent design, and so much more. 

Advanced learners can also benefit from Charley’s youtube channel. He has tutorials where he shares different graphic design techniques, including the latest techniques in the field. Charley’s Udemy courses are also best-selling on the platform. Over 5000 students across the globe have accessed the courses. 

To Conclude 

Charley has disrupted the graphic design space by making learning affordable and accessible to everyone. People who are interested in graphic design can subscribe to his youtube channel and access the tutorials for free. Charley has uploaded tutorials for those at the beginners level and those at the advanced level. 

Charley’s Udemy courses are affordable. When you pay for the courses, you’ll get the advantage of immersing yourself in the photoshop experience. In addition to this, he offers 1:1 consultation via zoom. The consultation exposes the learners to pro graphic design skills using Photoshop and Illustrator. People with all skill levels are welcome. 

You can check out Charlie’s content on his platforms:

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