Stadio Global, The New Game Changer In The Web3 Space

Stadio Global, The New Game Changer In The Web3 Space

Web 3 represents the future of the internet and can potentially disrupt our interactions online. As many people engage in fantasy sports and crypto, web 3 has become a platform where people can immerse in an experience. One of the companies that seek to revolutionize the web 3 space is Stadio Global. We spoke to co-founder Martin Lazarevic to learn what Stadio Global plans to launch in the web 3 space. 

Stadio Global 

Stadio Global is an enabled technology company in the web three and crypto space. The company’s mission is to usher in a world where athletes are treated more and more as numbers. The aim is to empower monetization for athletes by facilitating direct engagement and transactions with fans. By using the Algorand blockchain, the company aims to usher in the future of ownership and wealth creation in the sports world. 

Stadio has built technologies that offer dynamic utilities to athletes and fans. One of the pathways set up for athletes is the opportunity to continually monetize their personal brand. Athletes get to work with Stadio’s creators to design a customized NFT with an attached value to it. They’ll get to invest in NFT, crypto, bitcoin, etc. 

Athletes can also monetize on the platform through commercials, selling digital commodities, plus other stuff. For instance, they can sell their merchandise on the platform. 

Stadio plans to launch a game dubbed Stadio Leaguez 3V3. The game is one of the ways that athletes can monetize on the platform by earning royalties off their initial NFTs. Stadio’s NFT-based game has the edge over other games in the market as the real-life performance of the athlete influences the NFTs. Therefore, the rule of stats affects an athlete’s performance. 

What Stadio Global brings to the platform 

Stadio is taking fantasy sports to a whole new entertaining level by bringing players’ virtual trading cards (NFTs) to life. The NFTs will be synergized with real-world stats so that whoever was on your team becomes as valuable as they play in real leagues. On the other hand, athletes get to earn from the leagues as 20% of the sales go to them. 

Fans with NFT can use them in a game. Since the NFTs are attached to tokens, fans can redeem the tokens and use them to buy stuff in the ecosystem. There are plans to include a missions tournament in the game. 

Stadio has leveraged blockchain technology to create a place for the community. They have a mantra that states, “Come for the assets, stay for the experience.” The platform is not a place where you want to invest and flip when it adds value 10x. Instead, you want to stick around and enjoy the greater experience and transactions created by the developers. 


Web 3 is still in its infancy. However, the future seems bright as companies such as Stadio create spaces where users can enjoy the benefits of this latest technology. The defining features of web 3, such as decentralization, open-source software, connectivity, and ambiguity, means that there are a lot of benefits for fans and athletes. Stadio global is leading the world in the future of sports. 

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