Ron Bauer on Preparing the Perfect Investor Pitch

Ron Bauer on Preparing the Perfect Investor Pitch

Every founder and entrepreneur wants their business to succeed. Yet the journey of a thousand miles begins with the perfect investor pitch. A solid elevator pitch proves that you understand your business, the market, and the overall industry, even if you’re interested in raising capital. This pitch comes in handy should you be lucky enough to pitch to angel investors, seed investors, crowdfunding portals, or even your friends and family.

Meet Ron Bauer 

Ron Bauer is an entrepreneur and business mentor. He teaches founders how to raise money and eventually go public when they are ready. He guides entrepreneurs and founders of all types, from startups to late-stage companies, that have been around for decades. 

Ron’s business mentorship goes beyond anything you’d find in the market. For starters, he looks at your investor materials to see if everything is presentable or if certain areas need improvement. He also helps founders by listening to and analyzing their pitches, recording them, and pointing out ways to improve them.

Ron has been doing this for over 20 years. He has a track record of helping founders thrive. Ron has helped early-stage startups and pre-revenue companies raise hundreds of millions of dollars. He has heard thousands of pitches over the past 20 years and closed dozens of deals. 

Preparing the Perfect Investor Pitch 

Creating the perfect investor pitch starts with having suitable investor materials. Regarding your business plan, executive summary, financial model, corporate website, or corporate video, the idea is to tell your story concisely and easy-to-understand and show how you will eventually make money or change the world. 

Creating the perfect elevator pitch takes hours of practice. Yet even when you practice, you would benefit a lot more if you had the guidance of an expert on your team.

Ron takes time to listen and analyze the investor pitch. He says that everyone can improve their pitch. So what Ron does is he helps founders and entrepreneurs understand the psychology of the pitch. Why people would invest and why they wouldn’t. Next, Ron enables you to improve your investor pitch. 

Let’s say that you presented your opportunity to your friends and family. Ron might help you see that maybe your pitch was turned down because you were not adequately prepared or your materials didn’t look serious. Your collateral materials (e.g., executive summary, investor presentation, business plan, financial model, corporate video, corporate website) may not be designed appropriately or tell the story you want investors to hear. How do you create them? According to Ron, you hire a well-experienced copywriter and a talented graphic designer. Most people are reluctant to hire experts to handle their investor materials. They feel that it’s too expensive or not worth it. Yet Ron says that it’s a good idea to let someone else take your story, write it up, and then you can edit their work. 

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