How Ready Your Hiring Process For The Modern Era With Azaan Subhani

How Ready Your Hiring Process For The Modern Era With Azaan Subhani

Getting the right people can be vital in achieving your business goals. Hiring the right individuals for your company is crucial for your business success. It has always been the main objective of any organization’s hiring process. However, in most cases, companies keep getting bad hires.

Recruitment consultant and entrepreneur Azaan Subhani shared that up to 75% of hires turn out unsatisfactory within the company’s first one to two years. The goal of organizations is to get the right people to do the job, yet they keep on getting bad apples in the process.

Azaan said that their hiring process is partly to blame. “The hiring process they have is not designed for the modern era. It is a step-by-step process that is continuously evolving. The process being used several decades ago is already obsolete, but many companies are still using it,” he added.

Azaan is the current Managing Director of Marlin Strafe. It’s a company that helps many businesses find the best talents. He and his team use technology to connect companies and organizations with modern unicorns.

The Usual Hiring Process

Azaan observed that the current recruitment process is no longer suitable for the modern era. “COVID-19 has changed the paradigm when it comes to human resources, and the hiring process of many older companies doesn’t match with the new paradigm,” he said.

He explained that the existing hiring process is like a resume or CV harvesting operation. “For example, I’m looking to hire a new Director of Medical Affairs. I will get about five to six staffing companies. I will pay them, and they will collect resumes from potential talents. Then, they will email those resumes to me,” he added.

Azaan said that as soon as the transaction was over, they got paid for it. He noted that it’s pretty profitable for recruiting agencies to send bad candidates. “Most recruiting agents say that the industry standard is 60 to 90 days. I have seen many cases wherein they interview someone. The candidates look great on paper, and you hire them, but after three months, they’re gone. So, you will again pay the fee for recruiting one or two more times to get new talents,” he continued.

Azaan’s Observations

“We have been helping organizations and companies find new talents since June 2020. And we have seen a lot of issues concerning how recruiting agencies are hiring people,” Azaan said.

One of the things that Azaan observed since entering the recruitment space is the very low barrier reach of recruiting agencies. “Every time I show my presentations to my clients, I hear that most recruiting agencies have a very low barrier to entry,” he added.

Azaan also noted that clients of the time tell him that most recruiters do not care about the client’s business. “Agencies harvest resumes and send them to the client. They’re gone and done as soon as they get the cash in the bank. They usually don’t care about the candidate’s retention rate,” he said.

He continued that these recruiting agencies will send candidates to clients hoping they will leave after three or four months so they can send another person back to the clients.

The Modern-Day Hiring Process

Azaan said the hiring process for the modern era is grounded on technology. “The best way to get the right people is to harness technology. And that’s what Strafe Search® offers to organizations. It is a tool we develop to ensure that our clients will never have bad hires again,” he said.

He noted that it is a tool that they used to bridge the gap between employer and employee using technology. “Technology is being utilized in all sorts of industries, so why not use it to improve your employee retention? And our tool can do that for your company,” he continued.

Azaan said that Strafe Search® selects the right candidate 96% of the time. “It allows you to take a decision confidently and reduces any chances of repeating the process in the near future. We can guarantee that the candidate would still be in the role after 12 months,” he continued.

“We conduct an in-depth “market-mapping” to determine all potential target candidates currently working

in the industry. We spend considerable time on our pre-screening process, so you will only receive approximately four to six candidates that are perfectly suited to the role. It reduces the time required to complete the hiring process,” he explained.

Azaan said that if the candidate leaves within one month, you will get their money back. “If the candidate leaves within 12 months, you will get a replacement,” he added.

Try Strafe Search®

Azaan urges organizations to use Strafe Search® in their hiring process. “Our platform has been proven to land suitable candidates and increase employee retention up to 96%. Why suffer from high employee turnover costs because you continuously get bad hires? When can you get the best candidate with the help of technology?” he added.

If you are interested in using Strafe Search® to improve your hiring process, you could visit their website,, and drop them a message.

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