Empowerment, Resilience, and Curiosity; The 3 Must-Have for Every Entrepreneur

Empowerment, Resilience, and Curiosity; The 3 Must-Have for Every Entrepreneur

Empowerment, Resilience, Curiosity; the 3 Must-Have for Every Entrepreneur

What makes a successful entrepreneur? Is it the capital they behold? No. Empowerment, curiosity, and resilience are the primary essentials every entrepreneur needs to succeed. 

Scaling the heights of success using these three pillars, Courtenay Turner wanted to inspire people to tap into their physical home by doing movements. She wanted them to learn from her story and other movement experts on building resilience, overcoming adversity, and healing themselves mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. But who exactly is Courtenay?

About Courtenay Turner

Courtenay is the founder of What Is Movement, which aims to inspire individuals to inhabit their bodies and connect to movement styles that resonate with them. This visionary woman explores how movement heals physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She is the perfect example of people who overcame adversity despite her disabilities. 

Courtenay was born with rubella syndrome, which heaped her with many health complications, including heart complications, stunted growth, asymmetrical bone development, bilateral hearing impairment, unilateral blindness, and other afflictions. This condition came from her mother’s German measles during her first-trimester pregnancy. 


No one ever thought or imagined that Courtenay could talk or walk. Yet, she overcame all her physical challenges and exhibited incredible feats of athleticism. During her infancy, she danced in her mother’s arms and did gymnastics as a toddler. These slight movements continued and accelerated her love of movement into her teen and adult years. The experiences also set a path for her acrobatic and strength training. Her relentless pursuit of physical endeavors has since inspired many people, including friends, parents, social media followers, fellow athletes, and the community. 

Courtenay continues to probe the robust pathways mindful movement builds to bridge people’s inner and outer worlds through curiosity and inspiration. Why curiosity? Because it can help anyone, whether entrepreneurs or not, to learn from their mistakes, explore new ideas, engage more deeply and try new things. Curious people can face stress, challenges, and difficulties. That is why successful entrepreneurs use curiosity to connect more effectively with their customers and stay ahead of their competitors.


Resilience is another quality entrepreneurs can borrow from Courtenay. She is a resilient woman who sees challenges as an opportunity to grow and step to the next level of success. 

But what exactly is resilience? It is the ability to overcome difficulties. Resilient people can thrive in stressful times, while those lacking resilience break down. The reason is that resilience can help you get up whenever life knocks you down. Entrepreneurs deal with high measures of stress due to challenges; hence developing resilience helps them overcome them. 

Courtenay says you can build resilience using a movement mindset to overcome business and life problems. Owing to what she went through, she can now help anyone facing difficult times, whether in business or personal life, overcome their challenging conditions and disabilities. This visionary woman sees resilience as an essential trait to have every time you go through a hard time. According to Courtenay, resilience is born every time you overcome obstacles. Besides, when you engage your mind, body, and soul to face and overcome problems, you will evolve in business and personal life.


Courtenay was able to make explosive results in athleticism, exploring the power of movement. Despite her disabilities, she developed confidence and could overcome all she went through, and today she impacts people’s lives with her teachings about the power of movement. No one expected Courtenay would make it past her childhood, but she proved them wrong. 

It is worth noting that when she was born, the doctors told her parents that they should take her to an institution where she would receive care due to her situation. However, they did not give up on her but introduced her to movement practices, which helped her immensely. 

Therefore, if you want to succeed in your entrepreneurship journey, incorporate the above three traits. For more information, you can connect to Courtenay here.

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