Distro: Where Quality Meets Affordability in Remote Developer Hiring

Are you struggling to find qualified senior software developers and software engineers for your startup or business? Are you hesitant about going through agencies or dev shops to outsource your software development needs? Look no further! The Distro marketplace is here to help.

Distro is a platform that connects startups and businesses with remote developers from around the world. Founded by Chad Ingram, Distro aims to address the challenges faced by startups in finding top talent, especially in the highly competitive US market where the demand for skilled developers is high. Distro not only helps startups find top talent quickly but also enables them to pay these developers 25-30% less than what they would typically pay in the US, all while ensuring the quality they are looking for.

Marketplace for Remote Startup Collaboration

Distro serves as a marketplace where startups can find, hire, and collaborate with remote developers. It eliminates the need for startups to rely on agencies or dev shops by allowing them to directly hire the developers themselves. Think of it as hiring someone on popular freelance platforms like Fiverr or Upwork but for a full-time employee located in another country.

While there are similar marketplaces like Turing and Ravello, Distro stands out due to its unique approach. Unlike Turing, which focuses primarily on the technical aspect of software engineering, Distro takes a broader perspective that includes sales and marketing. This wider perspective allows Distro to understand the specific needs of its clients better and ensure a higher quality of talent.

The Benefits of Using Distro

Quality talent:

Through a rigorous screening process, Distro ensures that only the most skilled and qualified professionals make it onto their platform. English testing, personal vetting, video screening, and background verifications are just a few of the measures taken by Distro to maintain a high caliber of talent in their marketplace. By combining these comprehensive assessments, Distro guarantees that startups have access to exceptional individuals who possess not only the technical expertise but also the communication and personal skills necessary for success. With Distro, finding, hiring, and paying top-notch software developers has never been easier or more reliable.


Distro is not only about quality talent; it also offers affordability. By using Distro’s platform, startups can pay their remote developers 25-30% less than what they would pay for their American counterparts. This cost-saving measure opens up new possibilities for startups to allocate their budgets elsewhere. Whether it’s investing in office perks like a foosball table or boosting team morale with regular pizza parties, the financial flexibility gained from using Distro allows startups to explore exciting opportunities that contribute to a positive work environment.

Direct hiring:

Hiring a developer can sometimes feel like gambling. You never know what you’ll get – it could be a diamond in the rough or a complete disaster. However, with Distro, startups can hire remote developers directly, eliminating the uncertainty and risk associated with relying on agencies or intermediaries.

Gone are the days of trusting someone else to find the perfect match for your software development needs. With Distro, startups have the freedom to choose the developers they want to work with. This direct hiring process empowers startups to evaluate the skills, experience, and cultural fit of potential developers themselves, ensuring they find the right talent for their specific requirements.

Moreover, by bypassing the middleman, startups can save both time and money. There’s no need to go back and forth with account managers or deal with the additional costs associated with agency fees. Distro puts the power of selection and decision-making directly into the hands of startups, allowing them to build their development teams with precision and confidence.

Easy payment:

Money matters, but dealing with financial transactions can be a hassle. Especially when sending money to people all around the globe. That’s where Distro steps in to simplify the payment process. Not only does Distro help startups find the perfect remote developer, but it also handles the entire payment process, ensuring smooth and timely transactions. Monthly payroll payments are automated so you don’t have to worry about your candidates being paid on time and the right currency.

No longer do startups need to worry about invoicing issues or the complexities of international payments. Distro takes care of all the nitty-gritty details, allowing startups to focus on what truly matters – growing their business and driving innovation. With Distro, payments are processed securely and efficiently, giving startups peace of mind and relieving them of the burden of financial management.

And the best part? You don’t need to set up a separate payment processing system or hire an accountant to handle the finances. Distro streamlines the entire process by automating payroll to the developers Distro’s clientele hires in over 200 countries, making it as simple as possible for startups to pay their developers and keep their financial operations running smoothly.

In conclusion, Distro is a platform that offers an excellent solution for startups seeking qualified senior software developers and software engineer talent. By hiring top-quality remote developers worldwide, startups can save 25-30% on salaries compared to the US market while still finding the quality they need. Unlike dev shops, Distro allows startups to hire the person directly, eliminating the need for an agency. Distro’s built-in secret sauce also ensures it attracts only the best of the best developers. Direct hiring, complete control over software development projects, and easy payment are other benefits that the platform offers.

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