2 Things Your Business Needs from Leadership Expert Dororthy Enriquez

2 Things Your Business Needs from Leadership Expert Dororthy Enriquez

Dorothy Enriquez helps you to elevate! As a guide, Dorothy becomes a partner in your personal and professional journey as you chart a pathway that will attract opportunities. With a mission to optimize leadership and influence at every level to increase female representation, Dorothy works tirelessly with her team to change lives and make a difference in their livelihoods. Using compassionate coaching and empathy to build trusting relationships, Dorothy is a sage who strives to empower and expose what’s keeping one from embracing their worth and rising to their next level.

Dorothy is known for her practical communication skills, ‘edutaining’ leadership courseware, and interactive programs. A 15-year veteran of Corporate America, wielding multiple certifications (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Emergenetics, Situational Leadership & Breakthrough Performance) and a master’s degree in Human Communication, she strives to make transformative development accessible and relatable.

As a leader, Dorothy says that there are certain fundamental things that your business will need. They include;

Leadership Development

Leadership development is one of the things that your business requires, whether it is a small business or a corporation. However, many businesses have neglected this fundamental pillar that can help them to scale. Leadership development will help increase productivity, nurture future leaders, improve corporate culture, and improve managerial skills and abilities. 

According to Dorothy, Effective leadership development has the capacity of increasing your productivity. Through her experiences, programs, and coaching, she is on a mission to transform leaders from the inside out who will lead their businesses to tremendous success. 

Did you know that cultivating remarkable leaders in your business will help influence your teams to excellence? That is why Dorothy says, “leaders are developed, trained, and supported.”


If your business was under, that’s okay because you’re not affected by it in any way if you have insurance. You can always start up again, but if you’re not protected by anything — in terms of separating your business from yourself, then that’s what gets you.

Business owners should not be renting without insurance, get insurance for your business, especially if you are going physically to clients, and depending on what you do, that’s going to determine what kind of insurance you need. For Dorothy, she has a million-dollar policy for liability. 

If something happens when you’re at the client site, everyone needs to have insurance, and depending on what industry you’re in, you also need malpractice insurance. What if you do something wrong, maybe you’re a chiropractor, or perhaps you do nails. What if something happens? Dorothy makes it essential to state that you need to be covered.

If you’ve got that circle of a business owner, and everyone is in the same state, you can check-in and see whom everyone has insurance through, and if none of them have insurance, what friends do you have outside of your local area that has been in business longer than you can ask about insurance. 


Therefore, if you ensure your business has a proper leadership development structure and ensure it is insured, you are on the right track to disrupting your market. 

For more tips on taking your business to the next level, you can connect to Dorothy Enriquez here. 

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