Work From Home: American Hope Resources Shares Online Jobs You Can Get Without A Degree

Work From Home: American Hope Resources Shares Online Jobs You Can Get Without A Degree

A four-year college education isn’t always necessary to enter a rewarding and adaptable profession. More and more businesses across various industries are willing to hire candidates with relevant skills and work experience rather than a four-year university degree. 

We met with American Hope Resources, a website devoted to assisting those in need of financial support, to learn more about their efforts to assist job-seekers without a bachelor’s degree in locating professional opportunities. This was how it went.


According to American Hope Resources, a degree is not necessary to get a good-paying position as a copywriter. Thousands of businesses worldwide pay freelancers to work from home and produce high-quality written content that the writers can use to showcase their skills and promote themselves.

Copywriters are responsible for writing material that persuades, entertains, informs, and engages readers across several mediums. Examples of such content include blog posts, whitepapers, landing pages, product descriptions, emails social media posts. 

Employees in this field can pick and choose from various textual representations.

Customer Service

There is a high demand for people with strong interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills in the customer service industry. Most businesses invest heavily in their employees to serve as the first point of contact for clients in times of need. 

In addition, some businesses supply the tools essential to handle customer service inquiries made via telephone, electronic mail, or live chat. There have been many recent job postings for remote customer service roles in companies like Google, Amazon, United Health Group, etc.

Tech Support

Experts in tech support are significant assets to any company since they can fix any computer problems that consumers or workers have. Computer literacy is required, but you can get started with minimal training for entry-level and intermediate support roles.

Tech support professionals may assist co-workers or customers with solving technical issues, depending on the company’s nature. Computer system maintenance is also a part of this industry.


By writing code, programmers make software for computers and mobile devices. Additionally, they aid with managing, troubleshooting, and debugging systems and software to guarantee optimal performance.

Programming abilities are in demand across the tech industry, especially in software and web development. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a 15% increase in web development jobs between 2016 and 2026, which would amount to 24,400 additional positions.

According to American Hope Resources, one of the most significant benefits of programming is that anyone can learn it independently. Getting started in programming is as easy as picking up a few solid books or enrolling in an online course.

Social Media Marketing

Managing business profiles on social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook is all part of a comprehensive social media marketing strategy. These tasks may involve writing and publishing content, scheduling postings, and addressing reader feedback and direct contact. 

In the competitive field of social media advertising, a portfolio showcasing your prior experience is a huge asset. As a result, a degree is not necessarily a prerequisite for employment.

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