Stop Letting Contractors Rip You Off with Inflated Estimates

Stop Letting Contractors Rip You Off with Inflated Estimates

If you want to do something to your home, such as an addition or a bathroom remodel what do you do? Well, unless you are a contractor yourself or have experience, then you are going to hire a professional.

You will probably look online for a local contractor and have them give you an estimate. If it “looks good” then you sign on the dotted line, give them a deposit and they get to work.

While there are a lot of great contractors out there, some are not honest and they will up-bid a job to take advantage of an unsuspecting consumer. You want to avoid getting ripped off by a contractor, so it’s always a good idea to get multiple bids on the same project.

This will allow you to get a good sample of prices. They should all be fairly close in terms of total cost. Here are some other tips to help you hire the best contractor for your next home renovation project, according to the experts at

Make sure you deal with reputable contractors.

There are a lot of directory websites that you can check out to begin your search. One of the most popular is Angie’s list, and you can easily look up local options.

This is a great place to start. You will want to create a list of local contractors that specialize in whatever it is that you are needing to get done.

This can be your seed list, and then as you research and dive deeper you can cross off the ones you are no longer speaking with. Doing this will gives you plenty of choices, which will give you several estimates to consider.

Check licensing and insurance.

This is very important for two reasons.

One, if a contractor is not licensed they are operating illegally. This is a huge warning sign and if you discover someone isn’t properly licensed you need to remove them from your prospect list right away.

Then comes the insurance. If they are not insured then you are not protected in the event that they break something or cause major damage to your home. Imagine if you were having a lawn irrigation system installed and they ended up hitting a gas line? If they are not insured you would be liable for thousands of dollars in damages.

hire a contractor for home repairs

Hire a specialty contractor.

This is why it’s important to use a reputable directory website like Angie’s list to start this process. You need to hire for specific jobs. If not you are just asking for trouble and headaches.

For example, a contractor specializing in HVAC installation sales isn’t going to be who you want giving you an estimate for a new patio and deck. Look for the best options related to the exact work you need done.

Always get multiple estimates.

You never want to just get one estimate, even if you have seen nothing but amazing reviews for a particular contractor. Second and third opinions can often get different perspectives and opinions that can help you make changes to better your project.

This isn’t a process you want to rush. Take your time and look over multiple estimates to better the chance of hiring the best contractor for your project.

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