Powerful Customer Experience Statistics in 2021

Powerful Customer Experience Statistics in 2021

The customer experience and customer value management techniques are still highly relevant for businesses in 2021. If you’re wondering exactly why most modern businesses are putting such an emphasis on providing customers with a superlative customer experience, then check out some of the following statistics and what they might mean for your business heading into the years to come.

What The Customer Experience Numbers Say

If we’re just going by the numbers, you might be surprised to find out that:

  • Most people are willing to pay more for a great customer experience: About 86% of customers say that paying more for stellar customer service is worth the expense. Since customer standards are at a high, it makes sense they’re willing to pay a premium to the brands who provide the most enjoyable experience.
  • Customers will sever ties after a poor customer experience: Nearly a third — 32% — of customers are willing to abandon a brand after a negative experience. This is a stern reminder that it’s difficult to gain customers, and easy to break their trust.
  • The customer experience is a key factor in most word-of-mouth recommendations: More than two-thirds, some 71% of customers, will tell a friend or family member to use a brand if they’ve had positive experiences with it. 
  • Customer experience improvements can have a direct impact on revenue: The vast majority (approximately 84%) of businesses see a stark increase in their revenues when they take the time to improve their customer experience. Conversely, ignoring the customer experience will often see a sharp fall off in the amount of money they can bring in.

Now, numbers are one thing, but what else can we learn based upon current customer experience findings? Next we’ll learn about some predictions for the future CX landscape.

Some Predictions to Keep in Mind

So, what does the year hold in store for businesses looking to optimize their customer service experiences? Above all else, the thing to keep in mind is the fact that interactions are becoming increasingly conversational and digital. 

This means that you’ll want to lean into more online forms of communication and digital solutions to better facilitate interactions with your customers. 

Simultaneously, you’ll want to shift your approach from attempting to “push” customers into engagements to relying on technology to “pull” them into conversations where you can show off your superlative CX acumen. This all works to better humanize your interactions, and build a deeper bond that will encourage more customers to stick with you for the long run.

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