5 Essential Things High Ticket Business Coaches Can Learn From Rosa Rodriguez

5 Essential Things High Ticket Business Coaches Can Learn From Rosa Rodriguez

Top-tier business coaches often spend endless hours cold-pitching to clients. As the online coaching industry increasingly becomes saturated, coaches overwhelm themselves looking for strategies to convince clients to buy. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Read on to learn from Rosa Rodriguez on five essential things that can help you stand out from the competition.

Meet Rosa Rodriguez

Rosa is a business coach and consultant. She has been in the coaching industry for 6 years. Before that, she was in the finance and accounting industry for 15 years. Rosa helps mompreneurs create a high-ticket coaching program even while working a 9-5. She believes it’s important for people to learn how to create a business that revolves around their lives and not the other way around.

Rosa’s coaching helps mom coaches or mompreneurs create a high-ticketing business so they can have more time to spend with their families. She has hundreds of testimonials of clients who transitioned from charging $100-$200 for their services to over $500,000.

She says that low-ticketing coaching is time-consuming because people do one-on-one coaching. However, when you work with Rose, she helps you set up high-ticket group coaching sessions.

5 Essential things to learn from Rosa

Rosa has managed to build a successful business as a top-tier coach. She says five main things that other high-ticket coaches can learn from her include:-

a). You don’t have to send over 1000 cold pitches. Rosa says that she could see coaches send over 1000 cold messages to people when she started. This strategy didn’t sound right to her. Instead, Rosa teaches her clients authentic marketing. This marketing lets you communicate how your services help the client. Its strategy is different from sending thousands of cold messages.

b). Believe in yourself and your offer. Rosa says that client acquisition requires you to believe in yourself and what you offer. Don’t quote prices you don’t believe in, as some clients can sense that. Rather, work on your content to make it premium content so that when you quote an offer, you believe in it. “Learn to approach people from the angle of “how may I serve you,” says Rosa.

c). Help your clients upfront. Once your audience shows interest in your services, you should help them upfront, even if they don’t buy from you. Rosa says that coaches should look to help others through their content. If the content converts that person to a customer, that’s great. If it doesn’t, it’s still okay.

d). You don’t have to convince anyone to buy from you. Rosa says coaches should not focus on getting people to buy from them. Instead, they should create an environment that would entice people to want to buy from them. She says that you create this environment by showing people how you can help and letting them decide whether to buy from you or not.

Learning from Rosa

Rosa has a lot of great insights into how to build a high-ticket coaching business. She understands that most entrepreneurs get overwhelmed by trying to acquire high-ticket clients. But it doesn’t have to be an excruciating affair. You can have a high-ticket business and still have more time to yourself.

You can learn more about Rosa from her websites:

Also, you can connect with her via her social media platforms.

  • Instagram @iamrosarodriguez
  • Tiktok @iam.rosarodriguez
  • Twitter is @iamcoachrosa
  • Youtube and Facebook – Rosa Rodriguez

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