Why You Need To Be Free To Choose

Why You Need To Be Free To Choose

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Did you know that people who are living at liberty and enjoying more options in life are happier and more satisfied than those who are not? Statistics reveal that only 38% of Americans are happy. In so many ways, your financial foundation, or lack thereof, determines your life’s quality, which translates into your life’s fulfillment and happiness. 

Andrew C. Shurtleff, Ed.D. unravels the liberty puzzle to help you appreciate its worth and why you need to solve it. 

Understanding Liberty 

Liberty is the freedom to do as you please. To realize freedom, you must be at peace with your position in life. Your career progression must also be positive. Academic performance should be strong and maximize your learning potential. Your level of peace and satisfaction with your life’s achievements can contribute positively to how you rate your overall sense of freedom.

62% of Americans are not free to choose how to live. Many have been seeking academic, professional, and wellness mentorship from renowned mentors, but have yet to find one who helps them succeed. A lack of results by life coaches can lead clients to become addicted to their services and unable to operate autonomously. Too often, people stay stuck and unsatisfied with their investments in professional and personal support.

Speed up the Realization of Your Liberty 

You no longer need coaches to dictate everything you should do. Andrew shares three tips that will help you be free to choose and initiate the kind of life you would love to live.

  1. Your Wellness

Are you having excessive anxiety problems? This could be why you may be experiencing a negative sense of self, which can be as much mental and emotional as it can be physical and social. Have you visited wellness coaches who promised to help reverse the trend, but the results were negative or nonexistent? It must have been stressful and wasted both your money and time. 

Andrew will help you process your anxiety and reduce your pain, tension, and stress. He is the author of two books on adapting to crisis and a results-oriented executive mentor and life coach trusted by Americans whom he has effectively helped deal with anxiety and other related health problems. He will give you sufficient information on lifestyle choices and exercises you can use to process your feelings and better deal with your problems. His purpose is to help you meet, address, and recover from your problems so that you can lead a more fulfilling and independent life. 

  • Realization of Full Education Potential

Poverty is one of the most significant factors depriving Americans of achieving financial liberty. If you are a student from a poor background, higher education is often presented as the best tool for helping you fight poverty. However, education without a clear strategy to minimize and avoid debt can undermine its ability to open doors to employment, upward mobility, and high-paying jobs. 

Andrew will mentor and guide you on what you must do to unlock your academic potential and minimize your debt. Being a highly seasoned academic with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, two Master’s degrees, and a Doctorate of Education from Columbia University, he will train you in the best practices he developed to help you maximize your education, minimize your debt, and parlay your academic achievement into a fulfilling career. 

  • Career Progression 

Stagnation in the same job can prevent you from earning the higher salaries necessary to achieve financial freedom. Is it time for you to move to the next level, but you need to know how to make it happen? You need to schedule an appointment with Andrew to discuss your options and next steps. He will help you analyze the reasons behind the stagnation in your career growth. Once he has established the cause, he will direct you toward the best pathway to achieving your goals. 

Wrap Up

Would you like to achieve academic, professional, and wellness success that leads to a free and fulfilling life? Are anxiety problems causing you to have limiting beliefs and overly negative thoughts? Are you preparing to attend college and want to do everything you can to avoid debt? Connect with Andrew C. Shurtleff and learn to avoid, mitigate, and adapt to crisis. Using Andrew’s strategic advice will help you work through your issues to achieve more freedom while minimizing unnecessary risk.

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